Thursday, June 12, 2008

Taking a break

from sorting clothing that is.....lots and LOTS of clothing. I did say LOTS, didn't I? Just wanted to be sure :-) I have to say I wasn't smiling this morning. I was on the verge of tears really. Hormones for sure. After spending almost 5 hours sorting out all the clothing I was ready to toss it all and start from scratch. Not to mention that although my work yielded organized boxes (and bags) of clothing, it did not yield any actual usable clothing for the girls for this summer. How is that possible. I mean Saoirse is 4, ,and we've had 3 other four year olds. So surely we would have a bag/box of four year summer clothes. Um, nope! And the same with Flannery, we've already had two 6 year olds. But there is NO 6 year old summer clothing! I was not surprised that Moira didn't have any, although I know Isabella must have worn something when she was 8. Of course Isabella, being the oldest wouldn't have anything handed down. I plan on cutting the long sleeves off of some of Moira's winter jersey dresses to give her something to wear. Then it's "off" to ebay for everything else!

We are hoping to hear about a job interview Jeremiah had the other day. We are supposed to hear by close of business today. It sounds positive so far. You can be sure I'll put up an extra special post later today about it.

Well off to do more clothing. Now that the boxes and bags are done I have to go through all of their current clothing in the closets and drawers to put up this past winters clothing. I feel like I have clothing coming out of my ears!!! I will be so HAPPY when this is done. I won't want to touch another piece of clothing for a long time :-) As a side note, I am 35 weeks preggers today (or possibly 37 weeks). Only one more week till we are assuredly in the clear! Yeah!

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