Monday, June 30, 2008

Yeah! Pictures!

Ok, only two for now. I didn't have much subject matter to take at the moment. So I thought I would share Isabella's prairie dress that I made for her for the Father/Daughter retreat a while back. I am hoping the pictures come out ok. They kept coming up small on our windows explorer. Tomorrow we'll have a birthday boy, cake, and other happy children to take pictures of.

As a side note, please pray for Jedidiah. His g-tube site has been looking worse. I have been using a prescription cream for 6 days now and it is getting worse. The GI doctor decided to call in the oral antibiotic. If we do not see an improvement in 48 hours we have to call Wed. afternoon so they can squeeze him in on Thurs. So far the area is a dark pink, and not red. Although the site is goopy, and it is painful. He also does not have a fever, which is a very good thing. I am of course a bit bummed as he has been doing well on the Nystatin. I weighed him today and he was 20 lbs 8 oz. He was 20 lbs 4.5 oz on Friday. So this is a GREAT weight gain. He has been on the Nystatin for almost two weeks and he has gained a total of about 9 or 10 ounces! That comes to almost an ounce a day. This is amazing! I am hoping by keeping him on the Nystatin and mega doses of good bacteria that the antibiotic will not wreak havoc on his intestinal track and slow his gain down.

Here is Isabella modeling her dress. Excuse the wrinkles, she wore it to church yesterday, and just put it on for the picture. She wanted me to make sure to tell you all she is holding her stuffed dog, named Buddy.

Here is the back of the dress. The apron has two buttons on the back, leaving it open the rest of the way. I will have to find a way to make this into a short sleeved dress as she really loves it, but with the hot weather, it's a bit HOT.

A big THANK YOU to my aunt who sent us her camera so that we could have pictures of Jedidiah's birthday and the for the birth of the baby. I am sooooo excited! I would hate to miss having pictures for such special occasions.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of the great weight gain! Will be keeping watch for the latest addition! Kim

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerri,
You are VERY welcome! I'm glad to see pictures up on your blog once again!
Aunt Annette

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