Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pray for Moira!-edited

Just popping on here to ask for prayers for Moira.  She has appendicitis.  I know appendicitis may seem like no big thing, but it's my baby, so it's a big thing :-)  I'm not able to be with her right now, Jeremiah is with her.  I am hoping to get to see her tomorrow.  This is hard on me because my mommy heart is aching to be with her. 

It started this morning with her complaining of tummy pain this morning.  It was mild, and we had every reason to think it was a very benign matter.  She took Motrin later in the day, and was outside playing.  Then I was putting the baby to bed at around 6:30 and she came into the room crying and basically begging me to take her to the doctors!  Woah!  Where did that come from?  I called our homeopathic doctor first.  Moira is definitely known to not be able to handle pain of any nature.  He told me to pop a Bryonia in her mouth and rush her to the ER!!!  I was totally not expecting that!  He told us to take her to the nearest hospital, even though I told him I did not hear good things about it.  But Jeremiah did take her there.  After some blood draws, some morphine and a CAT scan we got the word it was appendicitis.  BUT they don't do pediatrics there!  So she gets to ride in an ambulance to Duke. 

Please pray for her fears, and pain.  Pray that if it is not serious that they would be willing to do a round a IV antibiotics first, and wait to see if that will take care of it.  But if that's not the case then pray that the doctor's hands will be guided by the Great Physician, and that Moira will heal quickly. 

Thank you all!!

Edited to add;
It was looking like one of our goats, Honey, was in labor today.  She had all the signs, but still kind of hard to tell.  Isabella and Moira were making plans to stay up all night with her should she not have her baby/babies before nightfall.  I say 'babies' because this goat is HUGE!  We are thinking she may have twins. Well, as you can imagine, Moira is going to be very disappointed that she will have missed out on this big adventure.  We still have one more goat who is due soon, so she may not totally miss out, but still, I know she was excited about tonight.  Moira unfortunately has always been one to have to miss out, forgotten, or the like with a lot of things in life.  She is the only one.  I am assuming that God must have a special plan for her with the qualities He is trying to impart in her.  But it is still hard to see her go through disappointment after disappointment.  Pray that she will see God's hand in all of this.

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