Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another day at the hospital

It's Tuesday.  Moira is still in the hospital and will probably be there all day today as well. Her blood work was clear of infection yesterday.  However her pain level was anywhere between a 6 and 10 on a scale of 10, and that is with pain meds.  She is having a really super duper hard time with her throat.  I am assuming it is just from the tube they put in during surgery.  She wouldn't even talk yesterday!  Thankfully in the goody bag I brought her was a new notebook.  She's been communicating that way. The poor girl is *still* sick to her stomach.  At first we were worried that it could be because not all of the infection was taken care of.  But now I think it is a combination of the meds and because in the past Moira has thrown up when in severe pain.  This means that she hasn't kept anything down since Saturday evening.  She's fully hydrated by the IV, but she really needs some food to get her strength back. Due to her pain she is resistant to get up and walk.  She was up three times yesterday.  We are trying to get her to realize that if she can't push past the pain now and get moving, then she is going to remain in this pain for a *long* time.  With abdominal surgery comes a lot of gas.  And that gas is the source of her pain right now.  She needs to move so it will move.  My sister even gave me some breathing exercises she could do that would get the gas moving, but she refuses to do them. 

Jeremiah is definitely wary from the hospital life.  Today he will be 'getting out' to go to physical therapy.  It might be good for him to be in the fresh air.  The windows are tinted and so it always seems gloomy out.  Not good for the spirits.

The baby is getting fussy, and we need to jump into chores.  Today we have to be at our friends house to drop off the kids so that I can get the van to Jeremiah in time.  This is going to be a feat.

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