Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conversation overheard and Jed's ramblings

This was too funny.  An exchange between Flannery (9) and Saoirse (6).

Flannery:  Can you cut up this apple?  (They were preparing a tea party)

Saoirse:  (too young to cut up apples safely)  No!  I'm not very delicate, you know.

Flannery:  Saoirse, you don't even know what delicate means.  Delicate means that you're...(pauses)...delicate.  Um......I don't know what it means either.

At this point Isabella comes to the rescue with the proper definition.

Some cute ramblings from Jed the other day:

Jed was getting ready to go outside and was putting on a jacket.  He had his arms in and then decided to pull the jacket up over his head. He says, "Look Mommy, I'm a silly boy."

While outside he put some dirt into a pail and told me he was making concrete.  "Look Mommy, I'm making concrete.  Ready?  I'm going to pour it out now." 

These are just cute, wonderful things that bring a smile to my face. This whole pretending thing is new to Jed and it is incredible to see him growing in this area.

In other family news: 
Moira continues to do better.  She is up out of bed and hanging out with the rest of us :-)  She really wanted a sub last night.  She had asked if we could celebrate when she got better.  This was requested the day after her surgery and she was NOT well at all. We said we would celebrate when she was ready.  So last night it was.  Definitely not on our diet, but diet shmiet, we were going to celebrate.  It was late when I headed out and even later when I got back.  It was one very late party! 

Poor Aubrey has a cold.  He started with some sniffles the other day. I was really hoping it wouldn't get past that, but it did.  The little babe obviously feels yucky.  He is crying a lot and wants to be held and nursed often.  Of course we oblige :-)   I hope he is feeling better soon.

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