Friday, March 04, 2011

Baby monitors

I think I wrote on here that we pulled out the baby monitor to see if we could get by using it safely.  As some of you know Jed is very sensitive to wireless devices.  I wanted to see if we could use it because I was finding it a hassle to keep checking on the baby every 5 to 10 minutes (if you read my post on the blanket, then you know he wasn't sleeping well).  So we went up in the attic and found it.  I was really enjoying using it.  I think we pulled it down last Friday or Saturday.  Our plan was to make sure to turn it off after each nap.  For the most part we did.  But getting consistent in doing so was going to take a little bit of time.  There was a night when I forgot to turn it off.  I'm not sure if that was Monday night or not.  Either way, come Tuesday morning Jedidiah threw up.  Granted it could be a tummy bug.  Or maybe, just maybe the diet.  Though I doubt that.  One day's worth of our diet wasn't going to make that much of a difference. 

On Thursday, in the wee hours of the morning I woke up to see that I had not shut off the monitor.  When I got up all the kiddos were up already.  I saw Jed laying on the couch. Oh, oh, that's not good.  I asked him if he was ok, and he told me his tummy hurt.  I went to get the bucket.  Just as I was walking up to him he threw up.  Ugh.  Just like on Tuesday he was fine an hour or so later.  However, I noticed that he seemed pretty lethargic.  I wasn't the only one.  I didn't say anything to his speech therapist about any of it.  But I wasn't surprised when she came out from their session on Thursday and told me that he was very 'docile' and 'low energy'. 

Now it is possible that it could be the diet, but again I'm doubting it.  But it is possible.  It's also possible that it was a weird tummy bug.  I doubt that more than the other possibility.  I know he has mercury in him and maybe the diet is freeing some of that up.  We are eating a lot of eggs after all.  But he's eaten a lot of eggs before and never thrown up.  Which is why I am doubting it is the diet.  But time will tell.  We have stopped using the monitor.  So if he continues to have these tummy issues in the mornings then we will know it was the diet and not the monitor. 

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