Thursday, March 10, 2011

I want to join this challenge!!

Check out this post at Modern Alternative Mama. (MAM)  Let's just say I would be embarrassed to put up my months grocery budget!!!  There are a few different challenges I would like to attempt with saving as much money as I can being the goal.  We have a lot of debt, and a lot of home projects needing to wait for the funding.  My sister and I had this talk in the past, and I may have mentioned it here on my blog at one point.  The reality, in my case, of not being in the work force and being able to contribute to the family budget.  I already have a job !  :-)  I just don't get paid in dollars for it :-)  So I am going to write up a plan of action.  What things I would like to do to make a dent in our extremely large grocery budget that we have. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY grateful that I have the luxury of such a large budget.  But to be honest it has made me lazy in being diligent.  So I will put together my own challenge that hits different categories in the budget.  I know it would be a LOT of work to write everything down as I do it, but how else will I see the rewards?  I really would like to be diligent to take that saved money to put towards our debt and home projects.  Some things that I would like to buy, will in the long run save us a lot of money.  For example, fruit trees.  We eat a LOT of fruit.  Too bad we can't grow bananas!  We go through those like no tomorrow.  I really want to get the girls involved in this.  They are always looking for ways to make money, but we have overlooked the money making ability of saving!  I think this would be a GREAT homeschool opportunity.  I can have them help me to keep track of everything.  Plus this means a lot of home made products and work, *and* giving up of some luxuries.  I'm getting pretty excited just thinking about all of this.  Once we make a plan, I'll post it here.  Then each week or month or some sort of scheduled time frame I will post our results.  And although I want to be diligent, I want to be realistic that I have a newborn.  So anyone want to join me in this journey?  Just leave a comment.

Also, if you are looking for a really healthy, and GAPS friendly cake/cupcakes check out MAM's white bean vanilla cake.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm really excited about trying it.  What a great idea for our many celebrations.  Last night we tried the peanut butter fudge recipe found *here*.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Everyone raved about it!!!  I mean this was seriously good stuff.  And what a wonderful, wonderful way to get that good for you coconut oil in to you.  It makes me feel good to see Jed down these!  He loves them.  He also loved the peanut butter brownies.  He ate like 4 of them!  Lots of calories.  Of course we are doing this diet because Jed isn't utilizing the calories we are giving him, but it's good to know that once his body heals we will have some high calorie, high nutrient foods to give him.

Must be off! 

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Tracy said...! I needed t read this post today!!! I have been discouraged of late about a lot of things, but mostly the whole working and money thing. And of course diet thing! Time to turn the page and go in the positive direction! I would love to hold myself more accountable for what we spend grocery wise. We spent less this week than we have in many weeks! But need to write it all down like you said! Let me know how you are going about such a challenge! :) Love to all!

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