Friday, March 04, 2011

The Miracle Blanket

I just had to make sure to write about a new purchase we made recently for the baby.  I read on someone's blog that they were excited to try out the Miracle Blanket (mb), and the  name alone got my attention :-)  So I looked it up.  I have been trying to train Aubrey to go to sleep on his own.  I have most of how I've been doing that almost written up.  So for specifics, stay tuned!  Aubrey was having difficulty staying asleep.  He would wake up consistently at the 7, 20 and 45 minute marks.  Every.  Single.  Time.  It made nap time very difficult for me because I had to be there to help him get back to sleep.  This would take up at least an hour of my time for each nap.  But more often than not it took two hours.  So things have not been getting done around here, and it shows!  After reading about the blanket we immediately bought one. 

 We were already swaddling Aubrey for each sleep time, but none of our blankets were large enough.  That meant that he would get unwrapped.  Or if he didn't get unwrapped he would loosen it up enough to move around too much.  While I was waiting for the mb to arrive I was having second thoughts.  I was wondering if it was a splurge more than a need.  Let me just say that after I wrapped him in it for his first nap and he slept for the whole nap through, I deemed it a necessity!!  WOW!  This blanket has transformed my life :-)  Plus I had nothing to lose as the blanket comes with a 100% guarantee!!! How incredible is that?  If I didn't see a change I could just send it back and get a refund.  I assure you this blanket will NOT be going back.

Here is even more incredible news.  Their customer service is amazing.  We had the blanket for a few days when I noticed a small hole next to one of the seams.  I knew I could repair it, but we only had it for a few days.  So I looked up their policy about exchanges.  On their site they say that even if the baby's older brother runs the blanket through your paper shredder (in the first four months from purchase) they will give you a new one.....FREE.  Plus, if they can repair the damage, they send the repaired blankets to a charity for special needs babies.  How amazing is that?  The company knows how horrible it would be to be without this blanket so they ask you to take a picture of the damage and email it to them.  They then send you out a new one, along with an envelope with return postage!  This way I got to keep our damaged blanket and still use it and wait for the new one to get here.  It came yesterday.  So now I just have to wash the new one to use, and wash the old one to send back (they ask that you wash them before returning). 

How I wish I had this blanket for all my children!!  I was reading the multitude of testimonies on their site.  At first I didn't see how many there were.  The customers were RAVING about this blanket.  I was beginning to wonder if they were fake.  But then I saw just how many there were, and I knew that it was probably legitimate.  And I assure you that they are, now that I see what this blanket does for our baby. 

So if you have a newborn, are expecting a baby, or are looking for a baby shower gift,  BUY ONE, or two, or three :-)  Ha, ha!

Check the Miracle Blanket out for yourself, the testimonies and videos are real.

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Meg said...

We are loving the miracle blanket, too! Way better than any the swaddle we have tried! I'm enjoying hearing about your GAPS experience... I'd like to try it someday when I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding (I'm afraid to do it while nursing because whenever I lose weight, my milk supply suffers.)

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