Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Asthma Prevention

I've done a lot of research in the area of health, which is quite a large topic.  But the more I studied the more that large field grew smaller.  Most of you know that I pretty much put most of my stock in the gut being the center of our health, or lack there of.  Most of mainstream medicine focuses on trying to halt the symptoms of disease.  Their research focuses on which chemicals will put a stop to a person's symptoms.  However trying to stop symptoms is like trying to plug up a hole in a dam with a paper towel.  Eventually it is going to give way.  There is a root cause of the disease that needs to be addressed so that true healing can take place.  But most people in our society want a pill to fix them up so that they can be on their way.  I hate to break the bad news, but a quick fix pill does not exist.  Oh, it may temporarily stop your current sympotms, but eventually the symptoms return OR that little pill caused your body to counteract the pill's attempt to short circuit your body's distress signals (symptoms). 

So our family has finally started to try to heal the root cause of our health issues.  And it may come as a surprise to some, but our gut's health determines our overall health.  The root of many, many, maybe most ailments that plague our society start in the gut.  I am sure many have taken notice of the HUGE increases in allergies, asthma, cancer, autism and so forth that have blossomed in the past few decades.  And it should not go unnoticed that there has been a huge rise in pestisides, antibiotics and fake foods.  The correlation between the rising of both catagories is not a coincidence.  Now, back to asthma.  One thought of it's rise is that we live in a too sterile environment.  We have antibactarial soap, antibacterial (ab) wipes, ab sprays, ab medications, and the list goes on.  When we kill the bad germs we also kill the good germs that are there to keep those bad germs in check.  And it's first come, first serve.  Meaning which ever bug now gets into our sterile environment first will have reign.  So our attempt to keep everything and everyone clean has been back firing on us.  Now granted, we need proper hygeine, as it does help to keep us healthy.  It's just the excess of cleanliness that tips the scales back to sickness.  So our household is doing it's share to use preventive measure against things like asthma.  Around here it looks like this:

Ah, proper supplies of water and dirt.

Jonah, I think you missed a spot, there on your right cheek.

Jed, good form buddy, good form!  You have the proper depth of mud.

Sometimes we need a little help from our siblings if we get stuck.  Jed was calling out, "Help, I'm stuck!"  Jonah was there to help pull him out.

Oh, wait, never mind, it was a false alarm.

We need some more supplies.  I picked these up in the dollar section of Target.

It takes skill and determination to keep asthma at bay.   A little to the left, Isabella.

Good job!  You did it!

Look at her focus!

And we can't have a lack of art in our asthma prevention protocol.

She was very focused and determined to do a good job.

Oh, and this little guy?  Well he pretty much just lays around keeping our spirits up by smiling at us.  But some day he'll be instructed by his siblings into proper asthma prevention.

See?  How cute is that?

One, more. Just because he's so cute.  He was laying on the floor while I washed everyone else off.  The lovely little mud pond turned into a mud slinging war zone soon after I came in.  Let's just say that evey square inch of my girls was covered in mud.  Along with that came mud in my kitchen, mud in the bathrooms, mud in the tub, mud....Nothing like being thorough in our attempts to keep asthma at bay.

I can't vouch for the effectivness of our anti asthma plan, results may vary, please consult your sanity before beginning such a program :-)


Tracy said...

The pictures are WAYYYY too cute!!! Ahhhh, the joys of playing in mud! Yippeee! :) Apparently I have a lot of catching up to do with your blog and comments! Just wanted to pop in and say hello and that I love your recent posts!! The one before this was very moving! You spoke directly from the heart and it came shining out clearly! Spent a lot of time with the kiddos today! Will have to write a post about it another day, but I did post a video on my blog! (I finally did it!). I pray all is going well this week! YOU call ME as I can only imagine the goings on around your house this week! In other words....call me if you have a spare SECOND to talk! LOVE YOU BUNCHES! Your favorite sister in the whole world, ME

Sarah said...

hahaha! :)

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