Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy with life

The days seem long around here.  Trying to get a handle on everything.  The baby has been very fussy.  Very.  I had to get on the GAPS e-loop to ask some questions.  Those questions had to do with Aubrey and my milk supply.  I've been worried that my supply has gone down.  The jury is out till tomorrow, when I weigh Aubrey.  There have been a lot of changes in how he was behaving, and in me.  At someones suggestion I cut out my probiotic.  I had only started taking one when we started the diet last week.  They thought it might be causing too much 'die off'.  Well after days of Aubrey doing a whole lot of crying he finally had a really good day!  Thankfully!  He is still having a hard time getting to sleep at night.  But he's been sleeping 7 hours straight for the past four nights or so.  I am hoping that means he's ok in the milk department.  Oh, it's so hard to know!  I don't want to harm Aubrey in any way, and at this point as far as his behavior is concerned, he is not acting hungry.  If my supply has gone down, evidenced by a weight loss, then I will add in some gluten free carbs, like rice and quinoa.  Quinoa has a surprisingly high carb load. I would only have to eat a little bit to get a LOT of carbs.  I am assuming, if my supply is low, it would be due to the lower carbs I am consuming.  I'm still eating carbs, but we went from eating a TON of carbs, to a moderate amount.  It might have been to much of a shock for my body :-)  I was able to get some raw goat's milk from my friend so that I can make yogurt for myself.  So once it is made, should be ready by tomorrow afternoon, then I should be able to get some dairy in without it affecting the baby.  At least that is my hope.  Goats milk is supposed to be much easier to digest.  Goat's milk was what we made Jedidiah's formula out of a few years ago. 

So I've been nervous, waiting and watching the baby.  One might think why I would even bother to go through this not knowing the out come.  Well for two reasons.  One is that I did research before hand to see if it was safe.  And since then I've read of others experiences.  The second is for Jedidiah's sake.  I think it would be 100 times harder had we only had him do this diet.  Not to mention the rest of the family really needed it as well! 

I wrote the above last night, and didn't have time to finish it up.  So I weighed Aubrey this morning.  He was 12 lb 1.0 oz on Tuesday.  And today, two days later he was 12 lb 2.5 oz.  So a weight gain of 1.5 oz.  We are headed in the right direction.   Now he should be gaining 1 oz a day.  Being that it has only been two days there needs to be a bit more time to get a better picture.  However, I think for my own peace of mind I may just add a wee bit of rice or quinoa to my diet.  Then when Aubrey returns more to his normal self I may remove it.  I definitely know that there has at least been changes in my milk (if not the quantity, then the quality--but quality for the better) that he is reacting to.  We have all been having changes.  Again, not earth shattering, but they are there, and the baby is no exception.  I am eating a LOT more nutrient dense foods.  So the quality most certainly has gotten better.  I was eating a LOT of grains.  Way too much. 

Jonah is still falling apart easily.  Not only that but he's been fearful of things.  The first was a fear of trucks.  We are thinking he had a bad dream about trucks.  He's always loved trucks.  He points them out as we drive around town.  He wants to read truck books, he wants me to draw trucks for him.  Then one day he started to *scream and cry* when he is close to a truck, or hears a truck!  It was literally over night.  Then last night Jed said something about our dining room light.  Not sure what it was, but Jonah was *freaking* out about our light falling.  He wanted to leave the house!!  He was sobbing and shaking over this!  It took us 45 minutes to calm him down.  This is not normal behavior!

Jed on the other hand has been talking up a storm (for him).  His quality of speech hasn't improved, but the quantity sure has :-)  Plus I've noticed that he is starting to pretend play on his own.  He will do pretend play with his sisters, but usually not on his own.  The other day he took his stuffed pig and put its legs into his boots and put a cowboy hat on it.  Then he told me to look, and said, "See?  I'm a cowboy!"  He's done that a couple of time this past week.  Pretty neat.  Plus, I noticed this week that he's done a LOT LESS screaming.  His screaming was getting pretty bad!  He screamed about all sorts of things.  Some days it seemed non stop.  It was pretty neat to realize that he has gone FULL days without screaming!!  So we are definitely seeing changes.  And I am glad that I am recording them, because some of them are not huge, but they are certainly positive.

Thursdays are usually pretty chaotic.  Thankfully today's won't be :-)  I sat the girls down yesterday to go over a schedule I put together.  Since the baby came we've just bee flying by the seat of our pants.  I thought it was time to get a wee bit more organized.  I think they are actually looking forward to some structure.  I know I am!  I hope to give it a good week or two to see how it will work for us and then tweak it.  I'm still not sure how we are going to fit in certain things, like our outside projects.  I would like to do a little bit during the week.  Other wise our weekends are just jam packed. 

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