Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moira is Home!!!

Moira came home Thursday evening.  I haven't had time to post this great news.  She was still running a low grade fever and was in a ton of pain.  She spent half of Thursday and Friday nights awake in pain.  So between little sleep and still having to keep the house running I haven't had two minutes to sit down and fill you all in. 

It was a rough go those first two days.  The antibiotics she was on were killing her insides.  It created a huge catch 22 situation.  She was in so much pain and was so nauseous that she couldn't eat or drink.  She would take one itty bitty sip of water every hour or so.  I told her she was setting herself up to having to go back to the hospital if she didn't start drinking more water.  We are finally on a good path out of this mess I believe.  At my wits end I called our family doctor, our holistic practitioner and the homeopathic doctor.  Our family doctor felt that what she was experiencing was normal.  The consensus between the other practitioners was the same, this was normal.  At least the other two were able to give me some ideas/remedies to try with her.  Some we couldn't due because Moira was too sick to go through with them, or I didn't have a remedy on hand.  But what we have done has indeed helped.

We started with giving Moira a full dose of probiotics every few hours.  I also put some magnesium oil on her tummy to help with the cramps.  This would bring short term relief, until the relaxation started things moving, which put her in more pain.  But thankfully we were getting things moving.  The homeopathic doctor gave me two remedies to alternate every fifteen minutes.  I also started to be more on top of getting her to take sips of water more often.  All of this resulted in a much better night than the night before.  However that morning we seemed to be where we started off at.  So we changed her remedies and kept making it a point to get those probiotics into her.  Finally, finally, she had a great night, of only waking once!  That was last night.  This morning she has been improving as the hours progress.  She is not running to the bathroom multiple times an hour.  She is also not needing the "bowl" held up to her face for hours at a time.  I set a timer for 15 minutes and when it goes off she needs to take a drink of water.  Plus she takes her homeopathic remedy.  I am making sure to keep giving her the probiotics every few hours.  She has finally started eating decent amounts of solid food.  Not a ton, but more than the wee baby nibbles she was doing before.  And those wee baby nibbles were 'forced' as she didn't want to eat anything.  The poor girl has visibly lost weight from all of this.  She was alarmed to see her wrist bone poking out!  She thought something was seriously wrong with her bone, for sticking out like that! Um, no, that's called too much weight loss in short span of time :-( 

I am so thankful for all who have prayed.  This has been a very long week for all of us.  Even the little ones are out of sorts.  I ask for continued prayers for Moira's healing.  Like I said, the antibiotics really did a number on her gut.  It will take time to rebuild her gut flora.  Due to the imbalance of flora she is experiencing other annoying problems that will clear up in time. 

We have had some wonderful people helping us.  My sister has helped us to make sure we were on top of the medical aspect of things.  I am so thankful to have her to turn to when I am worried and have questions.  We had two wonderful friends come (one with their daughter) to help me clean the house up.  After a week of chaos my house was suffering.  They whipped it right back into shape.  Then we were blessed with two dinner meals.  What a life saver!  One was from a new friend.  We met at a restaurant!  How funny is that.  We have been trying to get together for the past few weeks and something is always coming up.  She and her whole family dropped by yesterday to give us dinner.  Through all of this we have seen God walk us through the rough spots. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri,
It's been a few weeks since I checked out your just seeing this now. Poor Moira! I hope she will be feeling better soon! I know anesthesia, antibiotics and just recovering from major abdominal surgery are all things that can make one nauseous -- so don't worry too much, it should pass as she starts to eat. saltine crackers and the BRAT diet help to settle the tummy too. Have you done any research on mixing homeopathic medicine/remedies with modern medicine? I wonder if that is a problem? Seems to me it wouldn't be wise to mix them together if you can avoid it. Prayers & hugs for you all!! - isabelle
p.s. the haircuts are all sooo amazing!!

(Kerri) said...

Thamk you for the well wishes! We have Moira on the BRAT diet as well. Between that and the massive amounts of probiotics she is really having a great day today!! As far as homeopathy goes, there is no way for it to interfer with modern meds. The reason is that there isn't any actual chemical residue of the initial material that the remedies are made from in the actual remedy. Homeopathy could be labeled "energy medicine". It's the imprint of the materials energy that is in the remedy. So chemically speaking it will not interfer with the other drugs she was on. Homeopathy is designed to stimulate the body's own healing response. It doesn't act on the germs, or tissues, it just gets the body to respond properly to any invading germs or tissue damage. So she is getting the best that both worlds have to offer! Thank you for being concerned though. I've done a lot of research, and we see a homeopathic practitioner so I know a wee bit about homeopathy. Every time I learn something new it seems to open me up to more that I don't know! ha! I thought it was pretty funny that some people were having this 'demonstration' by swallowing a whole bottle of a homeopathic sleeping aid. The point they were trying to make was that there wasn't anything but sugar pills in the bottle, so they could down them all without effect. they had no clue about homeopathy actually works so it was really just a demonstation of their ignorance really. Taking a rememdy that you don't need will result in nothing happening to you, even consuming a whole bottles worth. But when you need a remedy, say in an acute illness (flu, cold, etc) , the right remedy will get you results within the hour.

Ok, got long winded! Homeopathy is a passion of mine. It has brought Jed as far as he has come!

I hope you are all well!! I have to get on Facebook more often :-)


Nancy M. said...

I am so behind on reading blogs. I am sorry to hear that Moira has been so sick! I do hope she'll be feeling better in no time! Sounds like y'all have some great friends and family!

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