Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Friday

Saving money.  One area that I couldn't bring myself to pay out was in haircuts.  I think I've had my hair cut twice in the past 5 years.  Isabella had her hair cut all of 3 times in her life (one was to fix her attempt to cut it herself at age 4).  I think the other girls had their hair cut once at a shop.  Besides those, all other hair cuts over the past 13 years have been given by me. 

This means that we don't sport the latest trend.  But I figured with 6 kids, and $10 a haircut (sometimes more), we are saving a lot of money!  This weekend was a hair cutting fest.  I cut all the kids hair.  I had one mishap, leaving Moira with much shorter hair than I attended to!  Oops!  The boys got buzz cuts. and I've been mourning that decision ever since.  Ha!  I really prefer the boys to have some hair on top of their heads :-)  Thankfully it will grow pretty quickly. 

Now to get you all started with some money saving sites.  I think I've linked to them in the past.  It's great that someone is willing to share the results of their work on all the great deals out there. It will make things so much easier for the rest of us.  I mean, check out the deal that Walgreens had with their generic diapers.  Pretty nifty and thrifty at $2.50 per package!

Money Saving Mom

This will be the only site I post today as the other ones are saved on the other computer. 

Here is a peek at the new haircuts:

Took a few of the girls on the porch to take these to put up for this post.  Isabella had asked a year or so ago to get her hair cut short.  She got it cut to just above her shoulders and then proceeded to wear her hair in a pony tail every day since.  I am not kidding.  I think there was only one day in the past *year* that she wore her hair down!!  So this time around she asked for it to be cut short again and I said, "No way Jose!!".  What's the point of me spending the time to cut it short and then you wear it up.  Every.  Single.  Day.  ??  I bought some scissors designed to thin the hair.  It helped a lot with managing her very, very thick hair.  She was happy and that makes me happy :-)

I think Moira looks great!  I just didn't intend to cut it so short!  I always, always end up with one side longer (the left side) than the other.  I was careful to cut it to match and I ended up cutting the left side shorter....oy!  So she doesn't have an even bob, but I don't think it's too noticeable.

I was really enjoying Flannery's long hair.  Flannery has matured a lot this past year and I think her long hair added to the look of maturity (NOT that I am trying to hurry things up, not in the least!).  Flannery is blessed with not too thick or thin hair, with a bit of a wave.  It would be easy for her to make it straight and easy for her to give it some curl.  Lucky her ;-)

I really think Saoirse is cute with shorter hair.  This isn't the best picture as she is kind of scrunching up her shoulders.  For Saoirse it is much easier to manage her hair with it shorter. Her hair turns into a rat's nest incredibly quickly.

Jed and his buzz.  Of course the boy's are still cute as ever, but I think for Jed he needs the longer hair to help with the shape of his head.  Just my opinion.

Now Jonah, I was really bumming about.  I *much* prefer him with longer hair on top.  I just keep looking at him and it's just not clicking with me :-)

I forgot to get one of the baby.  Not that he has any hair to speak of, but just because he's so cute! 

If anyone knows of any online tutorials for cutting hair please pass them along.  I've looked and not come up with any good ones, or ones that I can use.

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Sarah said...

They all look beautiful! We do the guys' hair at home (buzz) - so much simpler; I've trimmed the girls' hair myself sometimes, taken them in a few times... but they are not old enough for it to have cost much overall. Lovely photos & children!

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