Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moira has continued to spike fevers

Moira is still in the hospital.  The good news first.  She is sounding like herself!! She is now able to get out of bed and move all on her own.  And she plans on eating small bits of things today.  The bad news is that she has been spiking fevers since day one.  By now all fevers should have subsided.  They took some tests that all came back normal.  They are saying that even though her chest x-ray was clean that it was still possible that she is developing pnuemonia.  But, the other consideration is that she is forming an absess.  This of course would be very discouraging.  That would mean a drainage tube.  I'm assuming she will have to be put under again for that, though not positive.  The bad news about that is that it will put Moira back to square one as far as pain and movement.  Then we will really have to worry about pnuemonia as she has only started to really move around.  Being so bed bound for so long puts her at real risk for a lung infection.

She wanted me to let everyone know that she really appreciates everyone praying.  She asked for you to please continue.  She asked me if we could have a celebration when she gets home.  Of course!!!  We are going to have ourselves a party :-)

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