Wednesday, January 05, 2011

update at 6 AM

No baby.  But I've been up all night with contractions that are not getting closer together.  All night.  I had to do the knees-chest postition twice, with no noticeable change with the baby's position.  I am so tired.  I can't lay down, because then the contractions are really painful.  I tried in a sitting up position, OUCH.  The only way that these can be managed is by standing.  That would be a Jonah flashback.  But at least I was making progress throughout the night with Jonah's labor.  I'm still stuck with contractions anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes apart.  It's not looking to good in going with our homebirth plan at this point.  My midwife said it is typical for this type of labor pattern to stall out when the sun comes up, and restart the next evening or night.  I am supposed to rest as much as possible if that happens.  So for now I wait to see what happens when the sun comes up.

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