Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few more things to add

I didn't have the time this morning to add a few other things that I wanted to share.  We are back from church now, and I have to say it was wonderful being there after not being able to get to church for the past four or five weeks!  It was a blessed time.  Today is a beautiful day, and I am hoping everyone will do their tiding up quickly so that we can go out and enjoy it!  We're trying to stick to the rule of work before play. 

Ok, now for the things to share.  This one is just a news tidbit.....Aubrey has a belly button!  I know most people wouldn't think that as news worthy :-)  With our first three babies they had the alcohol treatment for their umbilical cords.  Each of them didn't get their belly button until they were 5 or 6 six weeks old. Then with the next three we treated their cords with an herb that escapes my memory, but their cords came off within 7 to 10 days old.  That's a big difference.  Well in my haste to get to the hospital I didn't bring the herb with me, so Aubrey's cord got the alcohol treatment.  I wiped it for the first 5 days with the alcohol wipe and decided to just leave it be after that.  So he was a little over three weeks old when he got his belly button.  I'm just glad it happened as soon as it did, as it could have held on for a few more weeks! 

Does anyone need any noise?  I'm sure you are all raising your hands!  Ha, ha!  Well if you are looking for some white noise, I have a great spot for you to go to.  While you're at it you get to choose the color of noise as well.  Who knew that noise had color?  At Simply Noise you get the choice of white, pink or brown noise.  I'm partial to the pink noise.  We found a way to get it wired into our bedroom.  Our noise maker bit the dust after residing in our home for a mere three weeks.  Hopefully we've found a longer term solution.

I also wanted to share a blog post that a friend from church did.  It really spoke to my heart.  I cried.  But that's not too hard to do :-)  I encourage you to read it as well.  I would also encourage you also to check out their Haiti(love) site and to pray about their adoption process, to bring home two children from Haiti.  So far it's been an amazing story of the Lord working in the hearts of those involved.  And in order for these two children to make it here a lot more people's hearts will need to be touched by the Lord.  Please check out Nothing 2 Bring and let me know how it ministered to you.

I think that is all for now. 

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