Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Could this be the day?

Ah, nothing like a little saga for today.  So it seems that "something" is up as far as this baby/labor is concerned.  Yesterday I was having some strong braxton hicks.  Strong enough I didn't want Jonah to keep pushing on my tummy as he tried sitting in my non existent lap.  But clearly just braxton hicks.  So early this morning I had a few (3 or 4) braxton hicks with the really pinching sensation....not a lovely feeling to be sure.  And when I got up I had a bit of 'show'.  Hmmmm, interesting.  Out of six babies, that has meant I was in labor.  I got up and started breakfast.  It's been about an hour now since I've been up and not one contraction since.  Ahhhh, yes, I am definitely not going to count on any of my past experience with this labor, as that has been the case for this whole pregnancy.  And so we go about our day as usual.  Jeremiah went off to work, the girls are doing their chores and school, and I made breakfast and plan on continuing as usual. Until something else happens.  Like actual contractions :-)  So it could be today, or tomorrow or next week.  Hey, no need to go through this all alone, right?  Hee, hee.  I'll pull you all in, along with me, wondering, waiting....oh the agony of not knowing!!!  :-) 

I'll check in later with an update, if I'm able. 

1 comment:

Nancy M. said...

It's always exciting wondering if it is the day or not! If so I hope everything goes well for you and baby!

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