Sunday, January 23, 2011

a few more pictures

Yes, it seems I am short on words these past few days :-)  Aubrey was sleeping inside (Jeremiah was with him), so I took the boys outside along with my camera and tripod.  I recently got a tripod (gotta love Craigslist), and wanted to try it out.  We can finally get a whole family picture!!!  Not that we've taken one, but it will be coming, soon.....or not so soon, who knows!  So I was out and took a couple of pictures.  Decieded to pull up Photoshop Elements and one of my favorite blogs for a tutorial on converting to black and white.  There is a one 'push' button to convert your photo to black and white, but I believe by doing so with the gradient map gives you a richer picture. 

This is the picture I started with.

This is the black and white from the one 'push' button.

This is the black and white using the gradient map.  Just a bit richer than the photo above.

Silly girls trying to dress up the goat.  I feel sorry for our animals :-)

Black and white using the gradient map.

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