Monday, January 03, 2011

A long night

Actually last night was a good night, it was the night before that was long.  It started with me having a few braxton hicks contraction (bhc), that I realized were close together.  I decided to get up as sometimes a change in position will stop them.  It was time for the boys to get to bed anyways.  After getting them ready I headed to the kitchen to take my vitamins/herbs/homeopathy.  I decided to skip out on my herbs as I realized the bhc were coming every five minutes.  I also noticed my heart racing a bit.  I had to think back to what I last ate to see if I had too much sugar (sugar makes my heart race nowadays).  I couldn't quite remember, but didn't give it too much thought.  I put the boys to bed and decided that I would just get ready for bed as well.  But I noticed I still had the bhc.  So I figured I'd take a nice hot shower to see if I couldn't stall them out.  They were not painful in the least, but they were keeping me awake wondering what was going on :-)  The shower did nothing to stop them.  I laid down to find out that my heart was beating even faster than before.  Not only that but now the bhc were every three minutes apart.  Ugh.  I have been praying/begging God to not have an all night long labor, so I wasn't very happy with my present situation.  Not to mention that these were clearly bhc.  Maybe they were there to help turn the baby, but if so it didn't work.  I absolutely can not get to sleep with my heart racing.  And by racing, it was clocking in at 130 bpm lying still!  So I tried a remedy.  Nope.  Tried another.  Nope.  Got up and took a bath to see if that would help the baby turn and maybe stop these bhc.  Nope.  I got up and crawled around on hands and knees seeing if that would help the baby turn.  Nope.  Eventually, by about 5:30 or 6 Am I got online to look for some other ideas for getting my heart rate to come down.  Ah, yes, how could I forget....magnesium.  Not that I thought I had a shortage as I am taking an extra supplement of the stuff!  But I had a spray and thought I'd give it a try.  Thirty minutes later my heart finally calmed down!!!  Not only that but the contractions stopped as well.  So they clearly were going hand in hand.  Of course no sooner than I lie down than the boys woke up!  Thankfully it was a Sunday and Jeremiah was home, so he got up with the boys so that I could get some sleep.  I slept for about an hour and a half.  Then I needed to get some breakfast.  We decided to go out to eat.  We took separate vehicles because Jeremiah and a couple of the girls needed to go pick up our baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.  I headed home with the three youngest.  I sat them down with a cartoon and took a nap on the couch.  Ah sleep!  I was having a few, although not consistent, bhc last night before bed.  I was a bit nervous about that as I still only had a total of about 4 hours max of sleep for that whole day.  I took some magnesium, and a couple of Advil (for hip pain...I'm waiting on some more Arnica to come in) and prayed for the best.  I was blessed by a great nights sleep!!  I am so thankful for that.  Hopefully I can catch a nap today.  I am really trying to keep up on my sleep so that I will hopefully have the energy for this labor.  A couple of nights sleep will do me good.  Although it's hard to erase a few months of
sleep deprivation. 

Jed starts back to speech therapy today.  He's had that big nose dive backwards that we have been dealing with for the past month or so.  I will say that we turned off the wireless about four or five days ago (it had been on due to some work at home Jeremiah had done) and there has been improvement with Jed.  He's eating more and talking more!  It's been noticeable only because he really wasn't talking with us.  He might answer us with a yes/no, but not engaging in any conversation.  Nor was he even saying hi/bye.  But for the past few days he's been talking to us about things, and saying hi/bye.  He is still not back to where he was, but it was nice to see him actually improving as opposed to declining.  This just means we need to be careful with our wireless and that he still needs to go back on homeopathy.  Those two things were clearly contributing to Jedidiah's improvements of the past.  I am just so happy to see some of my boy coming back!  It truly felt like we were 'losing' him.  He was just closing himself up into his own little world, one of which we didn't belong.  It was sad to see him disappear like that. 

Well off to work.  I have a few things on my list of things to do today.  Small things, but it would be helpful to get them done before the baby comes.  One of which is to lay out our homeschool day for Jeremiah to follow after the baby is born.  Not a hard thing to do, but tedious.  I am hoping to take some pictures soon of the new baby goats.  They are cuties!  Speaking of pictures I am awaiting my new camera lens to come in.  I've been stuck with a telescopic lens for months now, and I am so excited to get my 50mm back!!  I am hoping it comes before the baby comes.  But if not we have our family camera to take some photos of baby.  I can't wait to see who this baby looks like!  That's always a fun 'game'.  The girls all love figuring out who the baby looks like.  They are all hoping it looks like them :-) 

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