Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We are all home and well.  Maybe "well" doesn't suite all of us, but most of us!  We were VERY blessed to not only get receive a meal last night, but to get a helping hand.  'K' came over to drop off a dinner meal for us and while she was here the hospital called to say that Jeremiah was ready to be picked up.  'K' had brought her children with her and of course my girls were giddy over having other kids to play with.  I was about to call the girls in when 'K' said that she would be willing to stay here with my kids so that I could go pick up Jeremiah.  The hospital is 45 minutes away, so I was a bit hesitant at first.  But she insisted that it would make things easier for me.  And she couldn't have been more right.  Jeremiah was told that all I was going to have to do was drive up, tell them who I was coming for, and he would be brought out to the van.  Not so, not so.  I took Jonah and Aubrey with me.  My first intentions was to have all the kids with me, and for them to all stay in the van while I ran in to tell them I was there to pick up my husband.  However, what happened was that I took the boys in (as the girls were at home playing with their friends) and was told to head back to the recovery room.  Hmmm, ok.  Off we went.  We found Jeremiah still hooked up to his IV, in hospital garb.  So we were there for about an hour until we were back in the van heading home.  I would have been beside myself if I had brought all the kids with me.  I know they would have done well in the hospital, but I would have been running back out to the parking lot to get them all.  So it all worked out great!  Only one small problem.  Jeremiah left his prescriptions for the pain meds in his truck.....which was sitting at home. 

We got home around 8:15 or so.  We said goodbye to our friends. Then it was time for Jonah and I to eat some dinner.  Jeremiah was too sick from the anesthesia to eat.  I was going to need to run out to get the pain meds for Jeremiah that evening.  But half way through eating my dinner Jonah started to fall apart, asking to go to bed.  So I went to put him to bed.  I had Isa holding the baby.  It took a while for Jonah to settle down.  He kept saying, "ee-oh ow-si."  That last word was "outside".  Hmmm, what could he be talking about being outside?  I couldn't make out that first word.  Finally he said, "ee-ow in van". OH. *pillow* in van!  Jeremiah was given this wee little baby pillow while in the hospital that he gave to Jonah, who instantly fell in love with it.  So I ran out to get him his new pillow.  Finally he was able to drift off into dreamland...but then so did I!!  I was only there for 15 minutes though when Isa came in with a fussy baby.  So I got up and nursed him.  But by golly I was *tired*!. And off to sleep I fell....to be awoken again come one AM by Jeremiah who was in pain, a lot of it.  You guessed it, I was off to the nearest 24/7 pharmacy, which was 30 minutes away.  Thirty minutes is no biggie for us as we are used to having to drive long distances for things.  But I will be honest and say I was anything but happy about this situation.  Until the Lord spoke to me.  He basically said, "Hey, you could either keep fussing, or enjoy the *silent* ride with Me."  Oh, yeah,  that sounds like a better plan to me!  So I started conversing with the Lord.  Driving along the dark roads, with the hum of the van lulling.  By the time I got to the pharmacy I was almost giddy!  The pharmacist was great, no line, quick service!  In ten minutes I was walking out with the meds and contraband (AKA Swedish fish...shhhhh don't tell the kids!).  I was having my own little praise and worship time driving home.  My whole mood had changed from grumbling to thankful.  I was coming up on the last main road before our house, about three miles out, when the van started to chug and choke. OUT OF GAS!! Ughhhhh!!!!  I could either turn right and risk the gas station three miles away was open, or turn left and head towards home.  I decided it was best to turn towards home, lest I be six miles away as opposed to three miles.  I prayed and begged the Lord for me to make it home.  I didn't have any problem with walking the rest of the way, except that the half mile before our house is a bunch of dogs, that will come up and snarl at you.  I've only heard the stories as I have been too afraid to go that way for a walk since then.  No way did I want to meet up with some rowdy dogs in the middle of the night. So I prayed, and prayed. I had a couple of hills to go up, which would make this possibly unlikely that I would reach home.  On one hill the van kicked out.  I got it pulled over, and thankfully it restated.  I am sure I was going less than 10 miles per hour.  But I kept going, chugging and praying.  I was hoping to not get stuck in the middle of the intersection.  Not only did I get past the intersection, but I got past the rowdy dogs, and the van kicked out as soon as I started to pull into my driveway.  So it is currently parked on our lawn!  Thank you Lord!!!  Phew!  I think it took me at least 25 minutes to go those three miles, but I made it home! 

Aubrey wasn't exactly cooperating sleep wise last night.  Ah Murphy's Law ;-)  So that was my adventure.  We have had a slow morning, but it will be getting busy here soon.  I now need to go out in Jeremiah's truck to get gas in a can, so I can get enough in the van to head out later to Jed's speech.  So fun, so fun.

With all of that I leave you with some photos I took this morning.  Aubrey finally was awake long enough for me to take pictures of him awake.  Enjoy!

Aubrey, staring out the living room window. He loves windows!

Oh so cute footsies!

This little man spends a large amount of time with his eyebrows knit.  Is he mad?  Is he trying to figure things out?  Why oh why do you knit your brows little guy?

What you don't see in half of the pictures I took is Jonah!  He is all over the baby when Aubrey is near.  Here is a really cute picture of Jonah holding Aubrey's hand.  I wasn't trying to be artistic about the shot, I was trying to hold the camera out far enough to get this photo and had to take several as I am not adept at figuring out where the lens is pointing.

Ah, so cute.  Looking happy now.

Still  happy, but getting sleepy.  We are still not sure who he looks like.  I am thinking he is taking more after Flannery at this point.  His eyes are still pretty puffy, something that Flannery had big time for months!  She had these little slits for eyes because of the puffiness.

That's all I have to share.  Now I need to be off to run around town to get gas and Jed to speech.  Good day all!

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Tracy said...

Oh MY!!!! Sounds like God was right there with you! How amazing! So glad He brought you home safely! Praying that Jerry is healing and feeling better! Much love to all! BTW- Having our own adventure here....will have to follow your lead! ;)

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