Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outside time

Finally, non freezing temps.  Yeah!  I had tried taking the boys out a day or two ago, but there was still too much ice on the ground.  So we lasted all of 5 minutes before coming in.  But today was a glorious 45 degrees out!  So out we went.  The fresh air felt good.  Although I think I over did it a bit between yesterday and today.  Oh well, that just means I need to hunker down and rest more.  Thankfully the baby is sleeping great.  He does wake every three to four hours, but he eats and goes back to sleep.  We found out the hard way that he can't tolerate soy either.  Thankfully it wasn't a bad episode, but he was clearly not himself. 

I took my camera out with me.  It's nice to have it 'back'.  I finally got my lens.  But then there were smudges on the mirror inside.  I didn't have a lens cleaner and had to wait until I did.  Lens cleaner, check.  But wait, it's still not taking pictures correctly.  Ends up I had the exposure all wrong.  Too long to get into.  But finally I have it back in working order. 

Jonah walked around with that stick the whole time while we were out, breaking up the ice.  He was a bit obsessed about it as he had fallen on the ice the day before.

Jed was really into his hat.

The hide out that the girls had made the previous few days.  Now I know where some of our missing things have gone....inside to make a 'floor'.

Saoirse was going to give us a tour of the inside, but it was hard for me to get in there.  So I just took a picture of her inside :-)

Saoirse and an ax....hmmmm, not a good combo. I made sure she put it down.  She was trying to cut up a stick.  I don't think you need an ax for that!

The girls wanted a group photo in front of their new place.

Flannery hanging out on a log.  Thankfully we don't need to worry about chiggers this time of year.  I don't care for winter, but that is one bonus, no bugs.

Next up was some trampoline jumping.  But before they could do that they had to scrape up the ice.  It didn't help that our jumping bean, aka Flannery, couldn't stand still for more than 20 seconds.  So every time Moira and Saoirse grouped up the ice it would go flying in the air due to Flannery's inability to stand still.  Can we say, "frustrating"?

Flannery, the jumping bean.  She's actually sitting still!  Ha, ha!

Moira out with the animals.  You can see the new baby goats off to the left.  The white one is Twilight.  The black one is Midnight.  Oh, we did have one chicken casualty with that horrid chicken illness.  It wasn't directly from the illness, but indirectly as she was to weak and slow to get out from under the goats :-(  Believe it or not we still have two sick chickens (newly sick).  Thankfully we are only having one or two at a time instead of almost half the flock!

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Tracy said...

Oh wow! WAY TOO CUTE pictures all of them!!!!! Oh how I love the "thing" the girls built! Reminds me of that fort we built in a friends yard off of Ridgecrest! Oh the memories! BTW, call me before opening the box! Or just call me before 5 pm tomorrow so I can explain. I sent you a box but things went crazy at the post office and I did not arrange the things inside properly, nor remembered to include the note. Such is life with a sick, whiny child! :) Hope all is well! Love you!

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