Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update at 1 o'clock pm

So the update?  Nothing, nada, zilch.  I got the pool set up and cleaned.  Making sure to charge some camera batteries.  Put 'up' my kefir and kombucha, as I won't be making them any time soon :-)  I tried to lay down for a little while. Unfortunately I had oatmeal for breakfast, not exactly high protein.  Not to mention I had some brown sugar, apples and bananas in it.  So low and behold my heart rate was high.  Relaxing was pretty impossible.  Not to mention that the girls were NOT being helpful.  There have only been a few times that I have been really, really disappointed with them.  This would have been one of those times.  Talk about seriously falling short.  I explained to them that I really needed their help today, making sure to upkeep their assigned rooms, and helping to watch the boys when I needed to lie down.  They tried their very best to not do their work as I had instructed.  Then afterwards, which took a couple of hours instead of only needing to have taken 15 minutes. I let them play with a new toy that they got today.  I was hoping it would keep them occupied for a while.  Silly me!  After it became apparent that they needed to take this toy to THEIR room so that Mr. Jonah wouldn't ruin it, I told them to go to their room, and I went off to finish washing the pool.  Does anyone want to guess where they went with it?  They took it to the BOYS room!!!  The BOYS room!!!  I mean really, how smart was that?  Then Jonah got into my room, even though I told the girls to keep him out, and he swallowed half a bottle of a homeopathic remedy.  Thankfully it's harmless, but still!  Not to mention that the girls have been totally self serving.  I mean, it's BAD!!!  I am seriously thinking of sending them away for the next few days.  Unfortunately I have nowhere to send them.  And to top it all off our rebellious child is totally acting up and REFUSES to see that it is HERSELF at fault.  I almost had to call Jeremiah home to deal with her.  People, this is insane!!!  My children are NOT perfect, but by golly they usually do rise to the occasion when the stakes are high.  I am afraid I totally lost it on Isabella.  I mean this is really gone far enough.  I am in tears now, just thinking about it all. 

Off to try to calm down.  We have to leave shortly for the chiropractors.  My next appointment isn't until Thursday, but I'm afraid to wait to see if anything happens before then.  My friend Melody was here earlier and she said, "Oh, you'll probably have the baby sometime tonight."  Um, yeah, that's what I'm afraid of!  Right now, if we had a maternity rider on our insurance I would seriously be going in, getting an epidural, sleeping through all of this, wake up to find a baby needing pushing out.  No kids, no pain, no more drama (yes, I'm not totally bonkers, I realize that getting an epidural puts me at risk for all sorts of other drama, it just seems like the easier road right now).  But thus, we are not meant to take the easier road.  And so I have to trudge on, through the muck and pain.  And, no I'm not having any pain right now, still no contractions, not even braxton hicks, but you know what I mean.

Well that's the reality of our current situation.  Not pretty, but I am praying we will all be able to stop, meditate, and take a step in the right direction.  I'm not sure what happened with today.  It started with anticipating this could be the day and an hour later all chaos broke loose.


Janice said...

Hang in there. Hormones, yours and Isabellas? As I told a friend one day who was complaining about her daughter around the puberty age, I said try to be understanding monopause does not seem to be too different. Hormones gone wild. And they seem to start earlier now. Dont know why. The teen years are so hard and then they become human again. You will be fine with your labor. Hopefully you can get some much needed rest. These are the good years.

(Kerri) said...

I can't not even tell you how the timing of your comment was so perfect. I am sitting here crying (of course!!), it was so beautiful. Thank you for reminding me that these are the good years, I really needed to hear that. Thank you so much for taking the time to write that. I had been praying this evening for God to make Himself real to me, and He did, with your words. Thank you again.


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