Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolutions...or not

Ah, the beloved New Year's resolutions deal.  I think I used to try my hand at making some, and not to long afterwards breaking some!  So I haven't made any in years.  But as I alluded to in a recent post we have been without direction for some time.  We've been in crises mode, or recovery mode for some time, and now that we are coming out of that I see that we've just been surviving and not really moving forward.  So I sat down with the girls and we made up a little outline to fill in.  I told them that I really wanted to have things to work towards throughout the year, instead of just dealing with the every day things that life throws at you.  No, you can't avoid those, but we most certainly have been sidetracked by them.  I am here to write out my goals for the year.  I wished I did it sooner, as I currently can not find my journal.  Ugh.  It is always, always disappearing.  I know it will show up sooner or later (it's in the house *somewhere*).  But while most of it is still fresh in my memory, and just in case my journal takes longer to appear, I shall write it all out here.
Edited:  My journal was found!!

Sacred Marriage (currently reading)
Sacred Parenting
GAPS diet revised addition (it has a new section on failure to thrive)
The Backyard Homestead
Chicken book
Goat book
Raising Godly Tomatoes (currently going through)
books on homeopathy (no titles to put down yet)
Drawing With Children
The Shear Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer
read past issues of Wise Traditions (they are all online!)

***GARDENING***  (this is one of the areas I really want us to delve into this year)
Cleaning, painting, reorganizing, and sprucing up the barn
Work on a charity project (baby blankets or hats)
Watch homesteading DVD's
Unplug from all the movies and video games that have been going on around here
photo a week (they have photo a day but that might be too much for me)
teach girls to sew
work on preparedness notebook

Doing a study on anger with Isabella
Training-obedience and household duties
babysitting course for Isa and Moira
pick back up with ASL
Date night with Jeremiah--make it a regular time together

Work on homeopathy skills (I would really like to become one as I see it would be very valuable to our family and our community)
Make crockpot soap (I want to use our goat milk-when it comes in, and raw honey)
Get more involved in our areas homesteading group and gardening group to learn new skills

(these were basically health goals)
Come February go dairy and sugar free
Come May go grain free
Work on making working out a daily event, even if for 15 min.
Work on becoming more active as a family

So far I've been making sure to work on these goals.  I've been reading a couple of the books above.  I've also found some good ideas on raising chickens.  Sometimes it seems like there is so much to learn.  It can be overwhelming and unfortunately I usually don't do anything about it, or I take on too much.  So I am hoping with a bit more focus put on a few of these things that I would be more productive in accomplishing some of our goals.  It's one thing to say we want to make our place into a small homestead, it's another to actually go out and do it!  Ha, ha!  Step by step.  Skill by skill.  And all the time involving the children at each stage.  That way they will know how to do these things.  It will be second nature for them. 

We spent some more time outside today.  It's still muddy out.  That makes for more laundry :-)  Oh well.  It has been nice to get out.  Off to round up some lunch.

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