Friday, January 21, 2011

Just some pictures

A wonderful box of goodies came in from my sister a few days ago.  The girls wasted no time in digging in and making some colorful pencils.  But first they had to barter/argue/discuss who would get which stickers.  No, actually they did not argue.  They were very civil about it all.

Preparing the pencils.

See, they are giddy with stickers, sparkles and rainbows.

Unless you are Flannery, in which case you look a wee bit dazed :-)  Maybe too much rainbow?  Just kidding. There can't be too much rainbow, or sparkles or stickers!

Jonah is forever in the middle of everything :-)  Usually that is a good thing, such as in this case.  Every once in a while it doesn't work out too well.  Like leaving him alone with my homeopathic remedies.  I left the room to grab a bottle and he tore into them!  Ugh. Thankfully they are totally non toxic, so no worries there.

More discussions going on.

This was just too cute to pass up.  That would be Saoirse's doll.  I suppose she figured since she wasn't allowed on the bike she'd find a way to "live through her doll".  Only the older two girls are allowed on the bike.  It's been a great training device to be sure!!

Jeremiah, with child.  Ha!  Well, as he put it, "This will be the closest I get to being pregnant."  When all else fails to calm Aubrey, he goes in the Mobey.  A wonderful, wonderful creation.  It just snuggles that baby right up to you, most womb like I am sure.

Aubrey peeking out.  He always falls asleep when he gets all wrapped up and snug.

For some reason, even though Flannery holds Aubrey often, I didn't have a lot of pictures of them together.  This morning Aubrey was getting a wee bit over tired and was difficult to calm down. Flannery said she could help him.  Hmmmm, well give it a try I suggested.  And not two minutes later, this was the result!  I must have some 'baby whisperers' on my hand :-)

Sweet sisterly love.

Jonah was not to be left out of the photo taking.  So I made sure to snap a few of him too.  He's such a ham.  When I want to try things out on my camera he is always willing to be the model. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Nothing on our agenda today but the usual.  Some school, some chores, some outside time. 

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