Monday, January 03, 2011

Ain't that somthin'

I just had to share this, if not just for myself and this crazy journey to health for Jed (and the rest of us for that matter).  So I was just writing about how we have seen a positive improvement with Jed the last few days.  I wanted to add a few things to that list.  We recently got home from Jed's speech therapy.  Anyone who has been reading here regularly know that for the past month or more we've only gotten negative reports from Jed's therapist.  After months and months of positive reports after EVERY session.  So I was a little nervous to see what would happen today, especially since Jed has a hard time getting back into the swing of things.  Well out came Jed all happy and a big smile on the therapist's face.  She looked at me in surprise and said, "Wow!  He did GREAT  today!  He was saying everything I asked him to, and we were able to read this whole book!"  I told her that she probably wouldn't believe me if I told her what the change had been.  She did look surprised, but said, "Hey, if you find that turning off the wireless works, well by all means keep it up." 

We got into the van and to my surprise after I asked Jed to turn around in his seat so that I could buckle him up, he said, "Wait, show girls."  The girls were sitting behind him.  He proceeded to tell the girls "to look", and went on through the pages showing them all the items on the pages!!!  For over a month now he would actually scream if I tried to ask him what he made, or to show us something.  I seriously thought I was going to cry, it was so wonderful to see him showing off his book. 

Along with that I had to give the boys a bath before we left for speech.  Before the painting and wireless being turned on Jed loved bath time.  Sitting, splashing, pretending to swim, etc.  Well since the painting he would scream 'no' when I told him it was bath time.  Then he would cry and fuss as I got him in the tub.  He would only stand there, maybe putting his hands under the running water.  But he wouldn't sit and play.  He used to have a lot of sensory issues, water being one of them.  Well today I told him it was bath time and he ran to the tub and actually tried to get in before he was fully undressed!!!  Then he proceeded to sit, splash and pretend to swim in the water!!!! 

Scientific or not, there is a direct correlation between Jed's issues and toxins and wireless technology.  To see my boy come 'back to life' is no small matter, and no small coincidence between turning off our wireless.  Oh, and one more thing (yes, there have been MANY changes from Jed's normal) Jed is now back to eating a wide variety of foods these past four days.  I mentioned a week or so ago that all he wanted to eat was jelly sandwiches.  He would eat five or six a day!  He might have taken a bite here or there of something else, but this was not like Jed.  Now, he's back to eating whatever the rest of us our having.  All of these positive changes are nothing more than amazing to me. 

Ok, lunch break is over :-) 

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