Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another new feature

I'm just going to town reorganizing things, even here on my blog. I finally started tackling some of the spring cleaning here yesterday. Although I don't think it looked like it at first. It was in the "it's going to look messier, before it gets better" stage last night. But another half hour to hour of work before bed and it's starting to come together. So my new feature is a book list, it's over there on the right. I'm listing books that we are reading, or planning on reading. Some of the books are just for me and some are for the girls that we are reading out loud. Maybe I should break the list into two, one for me and one for the girls/family. Oh, well, maybe another day.

I was up at normal time, but I am starting to get to things earlier. So on my list of things to do next: Sort and start laundry, dishwasher (put away and re-load), then start attacking the spring cleaning for 30 minutes or so. By that time (9 am) it will be time to hook Jedidiah up to his feeding, and make some smoothies for the rest of us. Although I finally found a way for him to eat a smoothie, and he enjoyed one yesterday. So I'll give him some as well. Then I will do school with the girls. After that I will spring clean until lunch. Wow, I'm tired just thinking about all this :-) (jk).

I forgot to mention some more wonderful adventures we had over the weekend. We had two injuries. The first being Saoirse falling off a slide. She was at the bottom of it, but fell off the side of it and fell maybe two and half/ 3 feet. She started crying, and stood up holding her arm in the "classic broken arm" position. Oh no, I thought. Upon further investigation, and letting some time pass it appeared to be just fine. But she had us worried there for a little while. Even the next morning she was saying it hurt. But then she hasn't mentioned it again, and she's been using it just fine. Phew!

The second incident was on Sunday at church. Jedidiah was outside, running towards a girl. She didn't see him, and I'm not sure if he saw her either. He ran into her leg, but because she was also moving, her leg sent him flying.....head into the concrete. Thankfully he broke his fall with his hands. I personally didn't see it happen (Jeremiah was out with him). So Jeremiah comes in holding him to his chest, with Jedidiah crying. It's not good when your husband is concerned. Jeremiah takes things like this : observe first, wait, then get worried if need be. For me its: freak out first, then observe to see if overreaction was necessary. Ok, so he comes in worried! He said his skull was flattened. Um.....that doesn't sound good! But in the end I think from what I saw, the spot he hit (on his forehead) was swelling around the spot first, making it seem that his skull was flat in that area. Soon after the whole thing started swelling. We put on ice, gave him arnica and Tylenol. I can not say enough about arnica. I had heard about it, but never used it. It's supposed to stop swelling and bruising. I was expecting Jedidiah to wake up with a goose egg, all purple and blue. Nope, just a bit raised, and almost greenish. It does not stand out at all! Amazing stuff.

Ok, off to tackle my to do list.


ladyofvirtue said...

I just wanted to stop by and tell you how courageous you are. You are on a journey that has caused you to lose your life. I know that it is not easy for you to go against the flow--I can imagine sometimes that you feel lonely--I know that I do sometimes.

But I just wanted you to know that, if I were your mom, I would tell you how proud I am of your choices and all that you are becoming. I am blessed as I read about your life and the decisions you are making and the stands you are taking.

As you step out in faith, God will continue to meet your needs, especially with all of the wisdom you need for each situation.

In His love,


Anonymous said...


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