Monday, May 19, 2008

Trying new things

After I wrote my post yesterday evening, Jeremiah and I (although, mostly Jeremiah) fiddled with my blog. We found different templates out on the net to try out. However we learned something very important. When you save the content of the code, it does not contain the code for the lists that you may have on your blog. Hence, my book and Spring cleaning lists had disappeared. I just put up the cleaning list this morning. I will put up my book list later.

So far only Isabella seems to still feel poorly. This week we have in store for us: Library run, making LOTS of cookie bars for Memorial Day, making bread, picking up milk, cleaning, focus on the Lord, minimal schooling (at least during this spring cleaning furry), year end testing.....that's all I can think of at the moment. My mind seems to be in overdrive this morning, making it hard for me to focus on any one thing at the moment. So off I go to make breakfast, read some Scripture with the girls and then dive into cleaning.

Ta-ta for now.

PS- did you all notice that the count down to baby is in now in the 50's!!!!! I mean didn't I just write how we hit two digit numbers (99) just the other day? It sure seems like it! Time is a flying.


Apologian said...

And for my next trick, I'll make the whole blog disappear!

Watch out for those Spring Cleaning 'Furry's. :-)

Tracy said...

I will say a prayer that you find the time to get all things accomplished without feeling overwhelmed. I have experienced first hand the "extra" time God gives when needed and asked for! It's as if a whole bunch of hours have been added to the day or that time literally stretches! Keep perservering!! said...

Before you know it, your baby counter will be in single digits!!

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