Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Weekend

Busy, busy. We did a lot of work around here. Plus on top of it the kiddos got sick. Moira started it earlier this week. We have Isabella, Flannery and Saoirse with it now. Each one has varying degrees of it. Isabella is the worst, Flannery so-so, and Saoirse just has a yucky sounding cough. Of course that could change. Jedidiah has so far escaped the bug. I'm not sure how much longer he will hold out though. Due to illness we stayed home from church. But thanks to modern technology we were able to listen to all of the service online!

I have been tackling a bunch of the spring cleaning. I am making myself another list. It is my spring cleaning to-do list. I have it written out on paper, but the paper got lost once already (it was found though). So I am putting it on here as well. I wish I knew code, or HTML or whatever they use to do websites. Then I could make things different colors, or make a slash through the words when I am done with a task. But alas, it is not so. Someday maybe. It's just not on my list of things to learn at this moment.

We got the girls year end tests in. We are supposed to take them the last week of May. However I wasn't thinking about the Monday being Memorial Day. So I was going to push the testing up to this coming week. However, with Isabella being so sick, we can't do that either. Oh well. Not a big deal. I will just do some at the end of this week and then the rest the following week.

I had my appointment with my midwife this Saturday. All is well. My blood pressure was good :-) The baby is head down, and I am measuring on target. Which is a bit scary, as Flannery measured on target, and she was my biggest baby-8 pounds. I was able to tell her about some very unusual contractions I had two weeks ago, along with this really weird feeling that the baby was going to be born premature. I felt funny telling her, wondering what she could do about it. But she told me that this Monday she is going to pick up some herbal tinctures that help to hold off labor. Wow! I should have figured, as we used herbs to induce labor, that there would be herbs to stall labor. I am praying that we will not need to use them. The girls are all having a blast figuring out baby parts through my tummy. We are all getting good at distinguishing the parts. It is neat to see a knee go across my tummy!

I worked on Saoirse's blanket. It is coming along slowly. I think I may alter my pattern to make it a bit easier. I'm not sure how it will work out though. I will just have to try it out. I was not too keen on the colors (someday I will get a picture of it), or the texture. Isabella was laying her head on my lap this morning (she had a fever and felt awful) while I was working on the blanket. She felt it and remarked, "Oh, this is so soft and squishy, I like it." Ok, so maybe it is just me! As long as Saoirse likes it. I have also been working on a shawl, and got that finished this weekend as well. I have a hard time just working on one very sllllooooowwwww going project and like to see progress, so I put together this very nice shawl. Again, you'll have to wait for pictures, when we get out camera fixed.

I'm quite sure that a thousand other things happened this weekend, but I am drawing a blank. So I am going to type up my list and hit the hay.


Anonymous said...

I learned basic HTML by just googling it online. For example type "HTML strikethrough" and it will give you the coding. EX:

Hope that helps!

Hope all the kiddos are feeling better soon!


Anonymous said...

FYI: You can just google certain HTML that you are looking for...I learned basic that way. Ex: google "HTML strikethrough" and you'll find this for ex:

Hope that helps...and all the kiddos are feeling better soon!

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