Saturday, May 24, 2008

A productive day

I am wiped out. It's almost 9:30 and I am getting two of the kiddos in the shower. I wish I could say I am doing that patiently. But alas, I am tired of arguing with children today about who should be doing what! But, that aside, things went pretty well today. We have a very busy weekend, and today was spent inside trying to get my kitchen back in order. There's nothing like a surprise "visit" from someone you know to make you move quicker.

So this is what I accomplished today:
2 loads of dishes, and many hand washed ones as well.
4 loads of laundry
cleaned the microwave
cleaned the inside and outside (including the top) of the fridge
cleaned and organized the pantry
vacuumed the kitchen
washed the kitchen and dining room windows
made three meals (pancakes for breakfast, egg burritos for lunch and noodles with parm. cheese and salad for dinner)
supervised Isa making the chocolate chip cookie bars
made potato salad for tomorrows church lunch

I think that is all. I need to make up a bunch of little hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls for tomorrow as well. I think I will put that together tomorrow morning. We are having church outside in the big tent. The kids are excited about it. Then on Monday is the big picnic. You can check out the link to see what it was like last year, which will give you an idea of what it will be like this year :-)

I can't find the link that had a ton of pictures of the picnic last year. Oh well, this will give you the idea.

Not much else to report. Like I said it was a day of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Jedidiah is going through another round of, wake up early, and don't take a nap! Um, not a good combination. I am thinking it is teething related as I saw he had a molar just popping in. I will be glad when he goes back to the regularly scheduled program :-) Gotta go get Saoirse in bed, she fell asleep on the couch. Poor thing woke up early as well. Have a great weekend. I wish I would be able to take pictures of the picnic. Bummer.

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Tracy said...

Sounds like you are getting A LOT of cleaning done....I wish I had half your energy! Hoping the picnic was a blast! Loved the pictures on the web page you posted. It sounds like an awesome way to honor those who serve and have served our great country! Love to all!

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