Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It was one of *those* days

We all have least I think we do....if not then it is just ME. It's bed time, at least it should be, but for some reason the girls are thinking of a gazillion reasons why they need to get out of bed. Oh fun.

So it started out at 4 am or so. Moira came into my room to tell me her throat hurt. Got up gave her Vit C. Then we got up at normal. Moira decided she needed to take pictures for her blog. We now no longer have a working camera. She had tried to put the memory card in by herself.....yeah, not a good mix. So if anyone just happens to have an extra digital camera lying around and feels so inclined to send it our way...I won't object. If Jeremiah locks down a job soon then we will get it fixed. If not then we will seriously need to borrow one as I don't want to miss out on pictures of our new born babe. We could buy a disposable. It "could" be possible. But then no one, including us, will see the pictures. I'm really bad about getting things developed. So my blog will be picture-less for a while. Boo-hoo.

Ok, off to my Bible study. That, thankfully, went well :-) But afterwards we needed to go pick up our milk. I had never traveled from the "farm" to get the milk. But I had looked it up on two weeks ago. Yeah, you know where this is heading. After traveling for some time, I realized we surely had to be on the wrong road. Turn around, cut our losses and go home.

Ok, we are at home. The place is a mess. No really, it is. Like big time. You see there just is not enough time to do spring cleaning with all the normal things that need to get done. I mean it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to keep cooking, or washing clothes, ya know, things like that. But alas, children have small tummies, and they like to make that known :-) Ok, so the house is in the "it's going to look really, really bad before it gets better" stage. I sure hope it doesn't last long.

So there I am hanging up clothes in my room. Flannery comes in carrying Jedidiah (a no-no) saying, " Mommy, he's bleeding, he's bleeding!" Oh, yeah, encouraging words to be sure. Ends up that when he ran out of my room, he forgot to make a slight turn, and went face first into the end table. He now has a fat lip to go along with his bump on his head. Not to mention he fell while we were outside this evening, and got his leg scraped up. Did I say it's been one of those days?

Ok, go back to Moira. You may wonder why we went out if she had a sore throat. Well when she woke up she said it hurt a bit. But after having some water she said she felt great and her throat didn't hurt anymore. I assumed that her throat was just dry, as she didn't complain any more. Yeah, you know where this one is going too.....So this evening she tells me her throat is hurting again. Ok, I take a look. Um, yeah, can we say swollen tonsils? Not long after, she was complaining of her head hurting, of feeling cold. So far no one else has been complaining of anything....but time will tell.

Oh, and after our lovely little country side trip trying to get to our milk, we are home, eating lunch. I need to make the grocery list as shopping day is tomorrow. I also need to start thinking about what time to make dinner. And wouldn't you know that the couple of things left on our menu for dinners all had one ingredient missing? And not some little, we can do without ingredient, of course not as that would be too easy. So pile everyone in the van, head to the Dollar Store. Nothing like having to travel some 10 miles round trip for ONE ingredient. I think the amount of money spent on the gas to get there cost more than the ingredient! But we had a yummy dinner of corn bread, salad and homemade baked beans.

Did I say it has been one of those days? I'm just checking to be sure. I now have to get up and make some formula for Jedidiah's overnight feed. Not a big deal IF you have a container to make it in! All of our water bottles are "busy" right now and I have to find something creative to make his formula in. Did I say....oh never mind :-)

But in all of this we had blessings as well. Jeremiah has a lead on a job, that would be closer and is "permanent". There's still a long process to it all, but hey, I'll take any good news right now. We got outside for a bit. I got kisses, and smiles. We had full tummies, and clean water. I am grateful to be able to comfort my child even in a minor illness, with a hair rub. I got a lot of clothes put away, and I got my grocery list done. My children have a father who is passionate about their souls as well as those of the world. He feels called to minister in Africa. I said that I felt led to adopt from Africa, and he says, hey we can do both! We can adopt from Africa while ministering there. Now if I can only get my feeble mind around the logistics of it all....and somehow get over leaving this house, leaving life as we know it, leaving in general. God has some pretty heavy work to do in my heart I will tell ya! I'm praying that He will lead us to unity on this idea, as I like stability....and Africa, just doesn't sound stable to me, for some odd reason :-)

Ok, I need to get to bed. I don't know what Moira has, but I certainly need to be prepared to deal with other children or myself getting this (a scary thought to be sure), and need to get all the rest I can.

Have a great day!


The Redeemer Liveth! said...

Dear Mrs. Pechin,
I have so enojoyed reading your blog. You have a lovely way with words...that makes it fun! I want you to know that the Stone family is praying for you! About a job and the newest little one. We are so excited! You must put some pictures of it on the blog. We so enjoyed staying with you during the conference in November and look forward to seeing you again someday, Lord willing!
Love in our Lord,
Anna~for the Stone family

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri,
I do have a spare digital camera. It has a slow shutter speed, but maybe Jeremiah can figure out how to improve it. Let me know if you'd like me to send the camera to you. It's an HP with 5.0 megapixels.
Aunt Annette

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