Friday, May 09, 2008

A busy day

It started like other days. We were on our way to doing stuff, getting school done early and what not. Then Flannery dropped her smoothie all over the floor, as she was trying to put the left overs in the fridge. It got in the fridge, on the floor, on her, on Jedidiah's feeding pump backpack.....You know, like everywhere. Ok, I thought, maybe this won't be a productive day after all. So we get to school, that goes well. Then we need to do a quick clean since the OT was coming. We had a productive talk, which I'll replay down below. While the OT is here I get a call from Jeremiah, who is at a conference put on by our church, that he thought I should try to make it for one of the speakers. Ok, I'm up for that. Then he calls back a few minutes later to say that he was going to bring some people home for dinner. Like a lot of people. Ok, think quick! Then a look around tells me that we will not make the conference as there were too many things to get done over here. We had to run to the store to pick up some stuff and on our way home we happened to pull up behind everyone who was coming to our house as they were driving down the road. We got to our house at the same time. We had 14 people over for dinner. It was WONDERFUL! Everyone was helping out, getting stuff cut, cooked, baked, etc. One of the families was from India, who just moved to NY not but a few months ago. It was pretty amazing that one of their dreams is to open an orphanage in Africa, something Jeremiah and I have just started talking about. They too want to adopt from Africa, like we do. Here are these people from across the world, that live still hundreds of miles away, that the Lord put in our home. It was a wonderful evening. We all headed to the conference for the last talk on marriage. We had a small scare, where I could not find Moira and Flannery. I was looking everywhere, calling for them. Asking if anyone had seen them (I was asking people from church who know us) and no one had seen them! There was one room off of the conference room that they ended up in and I saw them walk out of! I was just about to lose it. I mean, there weren't that many people there! And no one had seen them, not even other kids! Scary stuff. I am looking forward to going to some of the talks tomorrow. It was neat because one of the speakers is the author of a book I read a few years ago on modesty, Jeff Pollard.

Ok, trying to round up children to get into bed, so I am not sure how much time I have to write about Jedidiah. Nothing really new mind you, just maybe a lead. We talked about his bad poopy smell, good bacteria, and how we have kept getting this same stomach thing for the past two years. I think we have had it now at least 7 or 8 times! Something doesn't seem right about that. So I called our doctor to see if he could run some tests for his gut. I missed the call back from the nurse, so I don't have details yet, but I do know from when I talked to her earlier in the day that she said our doctor was willing to send him for some tests. She was just calling to see what tests we had in mind. I told her our situation, and said that I wasn't sure what we needed to look for, a virus, bacteria, parasites.....Now I will have to wait till Monday to talk with her, but I feel productive in taking another step. The OT also said that she will be emailing me some info on a doctor who is in western NC, who comes to the Raleigh area once a month. Her expertise is in autistic children and helping them nutritionally. She thought it would at least be beneficial to talk with her to see if there wasn't something she could offer. We also talked about how it seems that we won't be needing her services anymore, the OT that is. Jedidiah is eating, which was our goal. Her job was to get him able to put food in his mouth and swallow without gagging. And we have been successful in that. We will probably have her come once a month for a bit, just to make sure nothing comes up, and for her to kind of consult with us on ideas that she has come across. I remember being so nervous about participating in this governmental program. But it has been such a blessing. Everyone we have worked with really went beyond what they needed to. And they actually *listen* to what I have to say, and think. They told me in the beginning that the program was designed on what the parent wanted, but to see that it was actually true was another thing!

Ok, so that was our day! The girls are in bed, and I'm headed that way too! Goodnight!

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