Thursday, May 08, 2008

A catch up on pictures

I don't even remember all the posts I said I was going to put up pictures. I know that I can always look back through my blog, but that would require work :-) So I will just post a bunch, and if you've seen them before....well then you've seen them before :-) These are not at all in any order! But I don't have the time to lay them all out nicely.

Here is the fabric covering that I made. It is a large triangle. I just folded the 45 inch side of the fabric over to make a triangle and cut it. I did that with two contrasting colors, put right sides together and sewed all around leaving a small opening to turn it out to the right side. Then I top stitched it. I usually wear it hanging down, but that picture didn't come out, so here it is in a bun wrap. I like it this way. I like how the colors peek through.

As a church we are memorizing the 8th chapter of Romans. As an aid, I drew up pictures to prompt us as we memorize it. The chapter is like 36 verses long! We are taking three months to learn it. These are the first 15 verses. We are currently up to verse 12. Below I have close up.

Here is the close up of the first 7 verses. It is at an angle due to the flash washing out the photo. So the first verse reads like this: "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit". The girls are doing great with this.

Here is our purple glass of yummies. Or in other words our smoothie. This goes over much better than the green one below. The only difference is that one has blueberries (this one) and the other does not. They basically taste alike, but the color makes all the difference.

See, we have a happy customer! Drinking up her purple cup of greens and fruits.

This is the green version. Not very appealing to the eye, but it still tasted great.

Around here we put them to work early! I had to make a new batch of laundry detergent and Isabella wanted to shred the soap. No, really, she did! It was easier to get a good angle by sitting on the floor, and that got Jedidiah's attention. So he came over and insisted on helping as well. It makes for a much slower go at making the soap, but hey, they were having fun. Thankfully you only need 1/3 of a bar of soap to grate.

And last we have the crocheted bandannas. They came out really cute. I don't think the camera catches their cuteness. I'll have to get a picture with one of the girls wearing one. They are sooooo easy and quick to make! And the pattern is free on the net. I got it here:

I also made one up in green from this site:

I made the first one (they have it in pink). It came out nice!

And in all my searching I found this great pattern that I really, really want to get to. It is a nursing shawl/cover. I was going to make the baby a blanket, and I still may, but this would be more useful. I have to get Saoirse's blanket finished first. No more making stuff until her blankie is made!

This is the nursing shawl I plan to tackle next:

We have one child with a yucky tummy today. And a couple of us are feeling funky in the tummy, so I need to get some stuff done in case it gets worse. Please pray it doesn't! Have a great day!

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Bethany W. said...

Thank you so much for the links to patterns. (Just in case I ever need them).

A suggestion for you, which your family will love, label your pictures as "pictures" or "photos." That will help out the people who just come for the pics. (If your family is like mine, they only come for the kids!)


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