Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A normal post

Is there a normal? I"m beginning to think not. Ok, first thing first, I want to say that I will be adding some additional comments about my last post. It is embarrassingly (is that a word?) inadequate! But hey, I never said I was a writer! I will attempt to make it more coherent. ok, so on to my day. I woke up and finished the last of the crocheted bandannas. They are really cute! All the girls wanted one, and they are very easy and quick to make. So I will show them to you all later as I am on our other computer and i can't access our pics from here. I was on a roll. So I decided to cut out my skirts from two of the three materials that I had. But the material needed to be ironed first. Hey, not a problem, I mean I have a nifty (although cheap) NEW (2 months old) iron to use.......yeah.....can we say "broken"? My iron does not work! Grumble grr... Ok, go do other things. Then it is time to get Jedidiah's feeding set up. But it's been a while (almost 2 weeks) since I last weighed him. I had a feeling I wasn't going to see 'good' numbers. Yeah.....shall I cry now? Or how about........NOW? The child hasn't gained weight in three weeks! Ok, between fighting back tears, and setting his pump up, I start going over and over in my mind as to WHAT is going on. Now it may.....may still have to do with his gut. His poopies are just getting back to normal, after that bought of bad smelling stuff he had a couple of weeks ago. Which I would really, really like to know what is up with that! But anyways, I rack my brain and the only thing that popped in there to try was to recalculate his calorie needs. I haven't done that in a LONG time. Mostly because we had been giving him more than he needed for so long. So I recalculated and come to find out he should be getting 9.5 ounces at each feeding instead of the 8 that he is getting now. This shouldn't be a huge deal as that number is based on ALL calorie needs, and since he takes in solid food he should just be meeting that number. However, if his gut is not up to par yet he may not be absorbing all his needed calories which has put him at a stalling point. So I did what i didn't want to have to do....I increased the amount in his formula feeding. At this point there is no way to MAKE this child eat more on his own that what he is willing to take, and at three weeks of no gain, I don't want to keep holding out that it's going to click with him that his body needs more calories. I have been having allergy problems, and got a cold. If he gets a cold we are talking about a set back, so I can't fool around with waiting too long for him to take care of this on his own. Although I have to RAVE about that X-Clear that my sister told me about! I'll write more on that later. I would feel better about holding out for this child to eat more on his own if he were at least on the growth curve. But he isn't there yet. This is SSSOOOO difficult. I mean he needs to eat more on his own, but he isn't. Waiting it out may mean loosing weight, which puts him at risk for a number of things. His energy levels have been great! And I would hate to see that suffer as well. So for now I am just going to play it safe. I know we will have to take that plunge at some point, of letting him take over feeding himself, but I am not ready for the "fall" before the "rise" just yet. Especially since we have a baby coming in only 2 months!! I would hate to fall into a really bad pattern right now with his weight and sickness before the baby comes. Which means unless Jedidiah suddenly decides that he is ready for this on his own, we will have to wait a few months till after the baby. I was hoping that we could make a difference before the baby came, and maybe I am giving up too soon, but I certainly don't have a crystal ball and I don't know what we will have to deal with if I decide to take the higher "risk" path. Maybe I need a few days to think about it. But for now I upped his volume and we will have to see where that takes us.

Ok, now that i am done spilling my emotions....I have to tell you all about this product called X-Clear. I have tried many, many, many...did I say many(?) things in my life for my allergies. And EVERY nasal spray I have EVER tried made things worse. I'm not talking about that they just didn't work, but they actually made things WORSE. I assure you this seems almost impossible, seeming as I don't even try something until it is really bad. So I bit the bullet and tried this product. Now my nose got a bit worse, just in terms of running for about 10 minutes but then, THEN oh my goodness I could breathe! I wasn't having the intense itching and sneezing from my allergies that I have been having! This is nothing short of a miracle! I say run, don't walk to your nearest health food store for this stuff.

Alright time to get some schooling done. Then we need to tackle that laundry I talked about the other day. It's going to over take the house soon if I don't get to it! Hopefully I will be able to post pictures later tonight.

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