Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things may not be as bad as I thought

Ok, deep breath here. After mildly freaking out that Jedidiah hadn't gained any weight in three weeks, my sister called. After relating to her the bad news, I went on to say how much he has been sleeping these past few days. She suggested that maybe he was going through a growth spurt and maybe his calories were being used for height growth and not weight growth. Oh, yeah, why didn't I think of that. Ok, so I go and measure him and sure enough he's much taller! At his 12 month appointment he was 5 bars below the curve (I am referring to the bars on the graph paper that the growth chart is printed on). Then at his 18 month appointment he was about three bars below. Well now he is only ONE bar behind! The first curve on the chart is the 3rd percentile. He was at the 3rd percentile in height at birth. Which means he is very, very, VERY close to FINALLY catching up in his height!!!! Our family doctor said that the first thing to go in a failure to thrive child would be weight, then height and then the head circumference. He's never lost in his head, he only gained and gained which freaked out all the doctors. He said that usually they will then gain back in the opposite order. So his head, then his height then his weight will be the last to catch up. So he is gaining after all, just not in the area that I thought he should. I am very much relieved! Now I am not going to totally have a party about it as I had Isabella holding his head still up against the bookshelf so that I could straighten his leg and get the measurement. I placed a piece of tape at the end of his heel so that I could measure him after I let him up. So there is still a small possibility that the measurement is not exact, but it didn't take me long to get the tape down, so there was little time for him to move from the bookshelf. But even if it is off, it couldn't be by much, so he is still closer to the curve than he was before. So things are better than I had originally thought. We will keep on with what we are doing, putting our efforts into getting him to eat his solid foods. I will hold off on increasing his volume, at least for another week.

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