Saturday, January 07, 2012

We watched a wonderful movie last night!  I think anyone who has even an inkling that they might want to take up gardening, or for those who already have a garden this is a must see.  Everyone over here is fired up to make up a bunch more garden areas!  Plans, plans, plans.  Seed catalogs, diagrams, talking, thinking.  Isabella signed up to receive some more catalogs.  Because of the lay of our land we will have to get creative as to where these garden spaces will go.  We have to have space for the goats to rotate living areas (still yet to be created), and we have to keep the goats out of the garden areas (read...we need fencing).  Some plans are taking shape that will incorporate what we have available to us and what we can do in the here and now.  Some plans may need to be done in stages as they involve money (like cutting down some of our trees).  I was drooling  eyeing some lovely fruit and nut trees.  I would love to see some apple, cherry, elderberry, pecan, walnut and almond trees in our yard.  Not to mention some blueberry bushes and raspberry canes around.  We even went out today gather some things to start this process.  Along the way we stopped at the park, because little legs needed to run off some energy.  I took some pictures while there.  You'll see our park time below, along with some pictures from here a home over the past few days. Oh, I almost forgot to leave you all with the link to the gardening movie.  The best part is that it is FREE!  You gotta love that :-)
Let me know how you liked it.
Back to Eden

Very rarely do we see Aubrey crawl anymore.  But I got proof that he still does every once in a great while.

This was too precious.  Moira gathered some greens to feed to the goats.  Aubrey was totally entranced watching them eat.

And giddy!

Jed has really 'jumped' into being a dare devil.  I swear he's going to give me a heart attack one of these days.  Yesterday we were walking down the porch steps, and about 4 or 5 steps from the bottom he says, "Mommy, watch this."  And he proceeded to jump to the ground!  Oy.  Here he is jumping off a small hill.  Much safer.

Aubrey is still a bit unsteady on his feet, especially outside where the terrain is uneven. You can see the dirt on his back from when he took a wee tumble.

Tumble or not he just keeps on plodding, he's got 6 siblings to run after!

The girls were playing a tag game at the park today.  I was able to snap a couple of pictures before they would have to run off as they were being pursued by "it".

Aubrey still has the need to taste everything he comes in contact with!

"Did anyone see that?"

Running off to play.

I would still love to get a group shot with all the children, but I felt that today wasn't going to be the day.  So I just called over the girls for an all girl picture. 

Then I called the boys over.  They were all wiggle worms! 

Jonah, who is usually a ham, wasn't in the ham mood, Jed was trying to be silly, and Aubrey wanted to get down and run.

Before we went home we gathered up some supplies for our gardening plans.  I can't wait to share our progress.

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