Monday, January 02, 2012

Back to the Books

Today we had a very light school day.  Very light.  Jeremiah was home and I still had a bunch of things to do to get our house in shape before our next semester began.  I would say that I am 90-95% done with the purging.  I am in my bedroom and bathroom, making progress. It has been a juggling act of putting their second semester plans together, purging, regular cleaning, the holidays and cooking.  Thankfully Jeremiah really jumped in with both feet to help!  I would be totally overwhelmed by now if he hadn't.  Phew!  I'm glad that most of the work is done, but not so glad that it took me all two weeks of our break to get it done.  I will still have to do some things come the weekend.  Jeremiah suggested I do a bit each night.  But I just got done putting together our schedule and I have no free time all week long.  Well, maybe a wee bit before bed, but I already know from experience that I will be exhausted by then.  Come late night it is time to read, blog or crochet.  If I can even manage that. 

Not sure what to make of some of the issues we've had going on here today.  I am wondering if some of the children snuck illegal foods at church yesterday.  Flannery has been a basket case.  Big time!!  A wee bit of her pinching sensations, having melt downs, and seems to need glasses (she has been holding her reading up to her face. Although it may be more of a tracking problem then a sight issue, time will tell.).  Saoirse has been over reacting to everything and anything.  I asked her to do something, but didn't hear a reply, so I repeated myself.  Mind you I really thought she didn't hear me so my repeat request was just like my first, calm and normal.  The child comes up to me crying and carrying on how she heard me, and why did I have to keep repeating myself, etc!!  What?  Total meltdown.  Jonah was pretty touchy today as well.  I have one word for all of this..."tiring".  Yup, that pretty much sums it up.  On the other hand Mr. Jedidiah seems to be our little comedian.  Who would have thought.  He will say or do something silly and then say, "I'm just kidding." He then goes on laughing about it.  I should get it on video sometime because I know I'm not explaining it very clearly.  He really just keeps growing mentally/emotionally.  I would dare say physically as well, but haven't checked his numbers.  Today I was cleaning out my closet and came across a box of tubing, syringes and even a sealed box of a new g-tube!  I promptly threw them out!!!  Wooo-hooo!!  No more tubes, thank you very much :-) 

I would like to put together another post of our school stuff soon.  I first want to get a feel for how this is all going to work.  I kept the skeleton of our first semester and added to it.  Threw in a few organizational tools and am hoping for the best.  Here is a wee snapshot of our schedule.  I'll take pictures and links to any helps that I found to help us continue to improve our learning time.

Tomorrow we start back in full. Tuesdays are hard as we have science class.  Not to mention that it will be very cold out tomorrow, making outside park time during class not an option.  Hmm, we will have to get creative.  Maybe go to the library for a bit.  That's what we usually did, but I am trying to stay away from all the twaddle as my kids go nuts over it and I've seen a lot of positive things going on without it, so I want to keep it far from them.

We also need to prepare for Aubrey's birthday.  He's going to be one years old this Thursday!!!!  I can hardly believe it.  We bought him some wooden nesting/stacking blocks.  We wanted to get him a couple of small stuffed objects to 'hide' in the blocks, but couldn't find what we were looking for.  I still have a ton of felt left over from before Christmas and may use that to make a few small critters to add to the birthday fun.  We will just need to add a yummy birthday bean cake with chocolate frosting, a candle and we'll be set.  We'll have to make it on the early side as he's been getting sleepy around 6 pm.  Nobody likes to have a tired birthday boy.

Off to bed, hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year!


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