Saturday, January 21, 2012

Getting out before the rain

I've got a bunch of stuff I need to get done today.  So this will be quick.  I did finally assemble all of Saoirse's needed remedies, and we put an order in for the couple of things we didn't have on hand.  When we get them in I may post them.  But for now, here was our day yesterday.

One thing this diet has done, is seemingly eradicated Flannery's allergic response to cats.  There would have been NO way for her to cuddle up with this kitty as she is doing above without her whole lower face swelling up with hives.  She's been carrying this kitty around as much as she can and not one hive to be seen!!

Everyone, including the baby it seems, wanted to walk up to get the mail.  Not me, I have been way too tired with this intro stuff and a baby who is NOT sleeping.

The girls are pretty obsessed with saving as much money as possible.  Here is Saoirse rounding up any possible plastics and metals.  Too funny.

I hope to always remember Jonah's taste in clothing :-)  Strips, plaid, shorts with socks and 'dress' shoes.

Why do we have a bucket hanging from a tree you ask?  I don't know.  Maybe the girls are 'practicing' should they ever come across a maple tree that they wish to tap for maple sap (I love the ideas they get from our homesteading videos!).  And as for the pinkness of this bucket...besides brightening the overall photo since it was so over cast this is the real deal color!  I think I might need some sunglasses!

With all of the lack of sleep this guy has been giving me, all I can say is....thank goodness he's so CUTE!

Although at 3 AM he doesn't seem *as* cute :-)

He had climbed up,all by himself, into the stroller.  He's getting so big!

Aubrey found some other fun stuff to play with.

The whole time he was playing with the straw he had this funny face going on.

Now that is one purple rope!

I really, really have to get on the ball to write up that post about us 'giving up' a bunch of stuff around here.  It truly has made huge changes in how our children spend their time.  Here is Flannery making a bird feeder.

Some of the supplies Flannery was using.  We have all sorts of stuff around here to tinker with.

Alright!  Time to get up and work.  Have a blessed weekend.

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