Friday, January 27, 2012

Sick today :-(

No Big Changes post today.  Not feeling well, sinus infection.  I went with a friend to get some fabric that was at her mom's house.  The house was old, and I could tell there was mold there.  Soon after I arrived I could feel my sinuses and ears reacting to the mold.  And sure enough, a few days later I have a sinus infection.  Bummer.  I've started some immune tea and a goldenseal/echinacea tincture.  So for today, there will be no thought provoking post :-)  I will just leave you with a bunch of pictures I took yesterday.

Isabella was kind enough to go into the attic to find some shoes for Aubrey.  He has been shoeless till now.

Trying to figure out how to walk in 'new' shoes.

Aubrey has taken to waving at the airplanes that fly over head!

Sometimes he needed a bit of help getting back up again.  I am sure this was fall number 742, just from today.

When we walked to get the mail, he found it easier to hold a hand.

Little babes with shoes are so cute!

Jonah was itching to get some digging in.  We will have to direct his digging efforts in the future, when we are ready to garden.  Here he is digging up our driveway.

At least he's willing to help.

Isabella was very happy to have received a letter from a pen pal.

Isabella hard at work, studying.

She's been taking a LOT of notes on this subject.

Hard at thought.

What she's been studying... :-)  Take note of the picture in the book.

 Below I put a bunch of pictures of Jed and Aubrey playing.  I am thinking that Jed had different intentions than Aubrey.  But non the less they both were having fun.  Note the amount of dirt *on* Aubrey.

After a quick brush off, Aubrey was having a blast being pushed around on the trike.  It was time to 'pack up' and go inside.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that your Grandfather made yogurt back in the 60's and I think he still does it today (I don't ask him about that). That means, he was making the "stuff" (note that I don't particularly love the taste of it) before it became the "IN THING".
Later, he began mixing his concoction with fruit. Gee, what a novel idea!?!?!


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