Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yes, I am crazy...why do you ask?  Crazy about what?  Another project.  It is my ultimate goal and focus during my days to care and guide my children.  I've heard many takes on a mom needing her 'own' time, to the opposite, that a mom doesn't, she just needs to wait till God provides her with a breather.  I suppose I can swing both ways!  But I try....note the word try...not to do so.  I do have some interests of my own.  Most of my interests are in the well being of my family...gardening, natural health, home education, sewing, crochet, etc...but a couple of them are more my own.  The study of homeopathy falls into natural health, although I am the only one studying it.  Photography falls in between my own and for my family.  I started up so that we could have nice pictures of our family.  But it is also an outlet for my creativity.  Painting is out of the question as the set up and take down time is too involved.  Not to mention too messy with little hands all around.  Though I may try my hand at some water color pencils.  Not to mention it takes some time to create a painting.  And in my state of being, with little time on my hands I need to see some sort of results in reasonable amount of time or I get discouraged.   Photography fit the bill to create and get results :-) 

I try to get out with my camera to capture our life in the everyday, not waiting for a special occasion or moment.  Now there are those that have an eye for things, and those of us who need some practice.  Project365 is a site to upload one picture that you took that day.  I like it because there isn't a theme, just a place to put your pictures.  I suppose there will definitely be overlap between there and here, but for anyone who wants to really see just the ordinary...you can check my project365 page

Just taking a quick break.  I put the baby to nap.  The girls only have dictation left for schooling.  And we have a new kitten.  Yeah, definitely crazy.  Long story.  I have to say it is pretty darn cute :-)

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