Monday, January 23, 2012

"The Big Changes" post

It's been a few months now that we've made our "big changes".  I have to say that it went smoother than I anticipated.  We had about 48 hours of crying on and off about some of our changes.  But once the girls saw that we were serious about what we planned on "adding" to our family they seemed to accept the changes.  As a matter of fact, the other day when I was writing my last post Moira was reading over my shoulder.  When I wrote about the things my girls are now doing since our changes, she chimed in with, "I'm so glad we made all those changes.  We have so much time now to do the things we really want to do."  I would count that as a thumbs up :-)  I was going to go item by item in this post, but got caught up with saying things like, 'well there is a lot more to that that I won't go into...', and I realized that I should take each point by itself, in it's own post.
Before I begin I just want to add that we made these changes for many varied reasons.  We have already come against some opposition about these changes.  I would just ask that those reading will respect that we are doing what we feel is right for our family.  Our choices have not be the most popular.  Which is why it was important for us to find a group of people that accepted our decisions.  This was for the peace of our family and so as not to dangle the proverbial carrot before our childrens' eyes.  The changes in a list:

:: evaluating the state of our family
:: building a foundation
:: church
:: outside activities
:: twaddle patrol
:: clutter control
:: setting family goals
:: the next step

These will all have some over lapping similarities as to our reasons for change.  But some have a different motive or a different way we decided to make the changes.  We are in no way 'finished' with some of the changes, but for now it has  more to do with consistency and fine tuning.

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