Monday, January 16, 2012

Some snippets

Flannery took this picture hte other day of two eggs.  Both came from our chickens.  The one on the left is a normal sized egg. The one on the right?  What's up with that?  Silly chickens.

Getting that creative feeling again.  I already have two blankets I am working on.  But this little project should be completed quickly and easily.  Sometimes I just need a little something to make that won't take me months to complete.  This is a crochet market (or produce) bag.  We may use it to bring in our BJ's stuff.  Not sure if that will work or not.  BJ's is like a Sam's or Costco, so they don't have bags to put your stuff in.  Not that some of it will fit in bags anyways.  But when we get peanut butter, shampoo or almonds it can get tiring to go back and forth to the van when we come home with a van full of groceries...all without bags.

Jonah during school time today.  Don't let these pictures fool you.  I think taking a video would be much better to convey how a schooling day goes for us.  It's pretty much half mangaged chaos.  Let me assure you if it happens to be the bad half of the managed chaos, it's not a pretty sight.  My children do not sit perfectly still all seated in straight backed  chairs...all attentive.  Ok, wait till I stop laughing.....Ok, now I can continue.  But there are certainly our good days, and when I have those it's a nice break from the regularly scheduled chaos.

This would be the resulting mess of Jonah's "school time".  I don't actually do school with Jonah, he just tags along and plays along with what ever we happen to be working on.

He is trying to learn to count...all on his own free will.  Plus these cubes help with fine motor skills, right?  Good thing he is only 3, and I don't have to worry about schooling him.  I just get to be his mom :-)

Saoirse only needed a couple of these blocks to learn the concept of "even" numbers today.  But like a lot of my children, once they get going it's hard to stop them.  Now if only we could harness that energy towards their chores...hmmmm...

Jeremiah took this picture.  He thought it was a wonderful sight to see all of our "funky" stuff on the counter.  Let's see we have the two ferments I showed you all yesterday, then the two quarts of salsa, two quarts of the pepper/onions, two bowls of squash seeds soaking (only one showing right now), a pot of almonds soaking and a bowl of freshly 'harvested' eggs.  We are really trying to work on getting our chickens to lay more eggs.  We changed their feed and added some oyster shells.  That really started to make a difference.  Until we got a new wave of cold weather.  The breed of chickens we have now don't do well with swinging weather changes.  We heard of a breed that does, and are thinking of getting a few to see if it's true. I'm not sure how to spell the breed's name, but it's something like 'astrolop'. 

Ok, off to finish cleaning my room.  Jeremiah took the kids out to the store.  I took a break to eat some yummy squash.


Krista said...

I love pee-wee eggs! Do you have some chicks that started laying this year? Their first eggs are tiny like that. They're so sweet.

Sarah said...

That all looks fun! For BJ's you could try putting a few open boxes in the back of your vehicle, then just sort the groceries into them when you get out there. That's what I did when I went to Aldi more often (picked up a few of their smallish leftover boxes in the store)!

Kerri said...


This was our first ultra pee-wee egg :-) When our hens first start laying they are usually on the small side, but this wee egg was *really* tiny. On top of that all our hens are past their early laying days. Go figure!


I've thought about putting in some of those plastic crate boxes in the back of my van. My problem is not being able to carry a box load of goods up 12 steps into my house! Dh can, but if I'm doing the shopping that day I am doing it much earlier in the day. If he does the BJ's shopping he will fill our cooler up with stuff and carry the whole kit and caboodle in! We are very excited that they are putting in an Aldi close by to us. Relatively speaking, of course, as not much is actually close by to us :-)

Blessings to all,

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