Monday, April 11, 2011

URGENT- Please pray for Moira

Moira has an abscess!

If you've read a couple of my latest posts then you know Moira's pain started to get worse.  Goodness knows after three weeks she still shouldn't be in pain.....anyways Jeremiah took her to the ER last night.  A CT scan revealed that she has an abscess.  As the doctors put it-it's in a difficult place to treat. 

At this point I am an emotional basket case, meaning that I am feeling a ton of different emotions.  The most obvious, is my concern for Moira's well being.  The other is anger.  Yes, I know anger is wrong, but it's there.  My sister, who I talk to a lot anyways, was walking me through the various stages of this illness.  Things are looking scary, to me that is.  The surgeons want to go in through a delicate area instead of through her abdomen.  This area could very likely spread more infection, and cause other complications. Moira also told me her hip was hurting her the other day.  However, if you saw the way she's been walking you would have assumed it was because of her posture.  Now it looks like it could be the infection in her bone!  I am so upset at this point. 

Believe it or not Moira is at peace.  She said she prayed to God for peace as she was scared. She said that He talked to her and told her that the physicians are trained and skilled and that He would be guiding their hands.  Puts me to shame!!  I'm over here all freaking out!  I'll have to take her cue.  It's a good one :-)  Moira sounds great actually.  A bit tired as she didn't get much sleep last night.  But she said she is feeling better as they have given her pain meds.  I am soooooo thankful that they are working this time around.  She is supposed to go into surgery sometime this afternoon/evening.  Although is could be as late as tomorrow morning.  Pray that it will be at the proper time.  She has to be without food and drink until the surgery.  She hasn't had anything to eat since dinner last night. 

My concerns at this time is that it's been three weeks for  this infection to grow.  It's also been three weeks of weakening for Moira.  She will have to be on antibiotics, which she is concerned will cause her all the pain like it did the last time.  And of course there is the dreaded intubation tube.  Pray her recovery will be quick AND COMPLETE. 

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