Monday, April 18, 2011

Help Wanted

I had lots of helpers for dinner on Friday night.  First, a disclaimer:  We are not currently on the GAPS diet.  I know, I know, you are all probably wondering what is up with being on/off/going to start/can't start, etc.  Well we were enjoying the wonderful benefits of the diet, which have become more realized now we are off of it, and would really like to continue.  But at this point, when the very real feeling of hunger is high in the beginning of the diet, we can't afford it due to a certain someone getting sick and being in the hospital.  Soooo, we make due with what we have.  And I have buckets of wheat, oats, rice and varying types of beans.  All of which are not apart of the diet.  We shall pick it up later when we are able.  But for now we do what we need to.  I was racking my brain to come up with an alternative menu plan and realized that there was no need to reinvent the wheel, or menu in this case.  So I went with the menu structure I had in place before we were on GAPS.  That means Friday is usually pizza night!  Everyone was very excited!  And as such, that meant I had a LOT of help in the kitchen that night.  Come join us as we make some pizza.

 There can never be enough hands in the dough!  Nothing is wrong with Moira in this picture, she just happened to have eaten some frozen blueberries right before this picture was taken.

 Not bad, not bad.  Moira is getting good at rolling out the dough.

 Flannery being a bit dramatic with her dough :-)  She did a good job as well.  I think Saoirse pinched off a small piece to practice on.  There was, of course, negotiations for the rolling pins going on.  Everyone wanted to use one, and we only have two.  Two rolling pins to 5 kids helping.

   Jonah keeping track of the progress.  Quality control in it's finest.

 Jed was really enjoying messing with the flour, can  you  tell?

 He also wanted to show off his tummy to me everytime I pointed the camera at him!  Too funny.

 Now only if we had a cleaning crew.  Notice how vacant the table is after the fun part?  Everyone scrammed when the fun part was over. 

A round pan waiting to go in to be prebaked and some rice cheese sitting in the background.  I still can not do dairy.  Although I would say that for Aubrey, wheat isn't too far behind cheese in it's ability to bring him misery.

 Now that is some yummy pizza!  Can't wait to dig in.

 This is the girls' pizza as they all enjoy a sauceless pizza.  Crazy girls!

The big girl hanging out in the kitchen with me, chatting.

The rest is history.  Lots of munching and chewing going on after these pictures were taken :-)

Moira is doing so much better these days.  It is great to see her getting more and more normalized.  We had a great visit from Dziadzi and Grandma Jo this weekend as well.  There was soccer and the scary storms.  Thankfully we were not hit too bad, just some power outages around here for a few hours.  The same can't be said for the city though.  Lots of damage done in our state.  Some 62 tornado touchdowns!  That is just insane!

I finished another apron last night.  I made up Isabella's.  I finished it after she went to bed.  When she wakes up I'll get pictures of it.  I had to make it a wee bit shorter than inteneded.  I had Jonah "helping" me.  Let's just say that he's really fast with the scissors!

Our week will hold the normal life happenings.  We will need to find another bin to expand the chicks room to roam.  They are getting cramped in their present quarters.  Chicks will start to peck each other if they don't have enough room.  So that will be a priority today.  Other than that we will be battling some colds.  Mine and what appears to be Jed's.  He keeps telling me 'he's fine'.  But he's been coughing and stuffy sounding.  I'm brewing a batch of my garlic lemonade as I type.

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