Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jed tells a joke

This is so funny.  You really have to see it for the funny effect, but my explaination will have to do.  The joke, by Jed, goes like this:

A person has a cupcake. He tells another person not to touch the cupcake. The person touches the cupcake and he falls down dead, like this.  (He then proceeds to fall off the couch, hang out his tounge and make a 'dying sound') 

Like I said, you would have to be here. But the fact that Jed is trying to tell a joke that *he* made up himself is down right impressive.

I wish the potty training was going impressively well (is that a word?).  Not so.  But today I have Jed bottomless and Jonah in underwear.  Jed refuses to wear underwear, and Jonah refuses to go bottomless.  I know that they know when they need to go, as evidenced by asking for a diaper and not one minute later peeing.  So far neither of them has gone in the potty.  But we have all week to devote to this.  I can only pray we see some success soon.  I have Aubrey in cloth diapers.  For the first time ever cloth diapers do not seem like a big deal to me.  Normally they seem like an extra chore, but for some reason they don't this time around.  Wierd.  So if I can get the boys to only be in a diaper for night time only by the end of the week we will be saving big time dollars on the grocery budget.  Some $75 or more dollars go to diapers and wipes each month for the boys.  That got cut back a bit by switching to cloth for Aubrey.  And it will drop by a ton if I can get the boys trained by the end of the week.

Gotta go!  We are in the midst of spring cleaning.

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