Sunday, April 10, 2011

another apron finished

Saoirse's apron....check!  With the help of Jeremiah holding the sick baby I was able to finish up Saoirse's apron.  This is her first apron, so she's pretty excited about it.  I think it is cute.  I only wish I had matching thread for the top stitching.  Oh well.  It just adds character :-)

It's very colorful!

Hanging on the line.

She wanted a picture of her standing next to it.

And of course we need one of her in it!

While I was taking pictures Jonah was checking out the garden.

Jonah, Jonah, how does your garden grow?

Never enough digging.

Today we had some visitors.  Both of the human and animal variety.  The other day as we were heading out we saw a puppy trotting down the road.  So we picked it up, as Jeremiah thought he saw someone walking it on the street down the way.  Ends up it was our front neighbors new puppy.  He has a very large fenced in yard.  Not to much later he was visiting again.  Clearly there was a hole somewhere in the fencing.  Then we had some kids over that are on one of the girls soccer teams.  They brought their dog over.  They left her outside when they came in to play.  When they went out to check on her, she was gone. So the whole crew went out to search for her. They found her pretty quickly.  Jeremiah was the last to return.  However he didn't return empty handed. He found two more puppies on the side of the road. This happens to us every spring it seems.  Oy.  This round it was puppy pit bulls.  Isabella is very fond of them.  Of course!

She named one Caramel and the other is named Cookie.  And NO we are not keeping them!  They will stay here until we can take them to the pound or have animal control come and get them.  We have enough animals, thank you very much :-)

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