Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silly me

Where is my brain?  Has anyone seen it?  If you have, please contact me immediately :-)  You would think, since we've been down this path before, that I would be more prepared.  Let me give you the scenerio the first time around.  We had two girls, both born in the summer.  Our third child was due in the winter.  So whether we had a girl or a boy we were going to need new clothing.  Not as a newborn, as they pretty much wear all the same type of clothing. But three to six months out is another story.  When Isa and Moira were six months old it was winter time.  So all of their six month old clothing is long sleeves and pants.  But when Flannery was six months old it was summer time.  That meant a whole new wordrobe.  I saw that coming ahead of time, knowing we needed to plan on buying new clothing.  Fast forward a bunch of years and we find ourselves in the same situation.  Two boys born in the summer, and now one born in the winter.  However this time around I wasn't catching on that we were going to need another wordrobe!  I had brought down the 3-6 month old clothing a few weeks ago. And most of it is long sleeves and pants.  We have about 4 warm weather outfits.  At the time it wasn't a big deal as we were still having some chilly weather.  Well, for the last week or so it's been really warm out.  The past few days I've been sitting here and wondering WHERE is all of Aubrey's warm weather clothing???  Um, yeah, brain issues!  I realized this morning that we *dont' have any*!!!  Oy!  Four outfits won't get us too far.  A baby can easily go through three outfits in a day if they spit up and have a diaper leak.  Looks like some shopping will be in order. 

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Lisa H. said...

I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me!
What a blessed problem to have, isn't it? God is good, to have made you the steward of these little ones, and also so good to provide us with all we truly need. Hurrah for Goodwill, too! ;-)

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