Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pretty amazing

Two things that are amazing.

 The first being our wee baby boy goats.  The little girl (named Pipi), is spoken for.  That left us with four boys.  We were thinking it was going to be hard to find homes for FOUR boy goats.  That just seemed like a lot for some reason. My little prayer was that they would be able to go to a home where they would be loved on.  I just cringe when I think of them as dinner on someones plates.  So this afternoon I went out with my camera to take some pictures of the little boys to send to Jeremiah.  Jeremiah put them up on Craigslist.  I'm not exactly sure what time he posted it, but I'm pretty certain not 30 minutes had elapsed before I was getting phone call after phone call!  And wonder of wonders the very first call was from a lady who wanted ALL four boys!!!  Can you believe it?  Just like that, the first call.  She and her husband came by to take a look at them.  Everyone who called was smitten with Prince, who is the all black with white ears.  I was also pleased that Jeremiah talked them into waiting a bit longer to take them.  They were set to take them next week, after we disbudded and neutered them.  I was a bit sad to think that Honey would be crying for her babies, that she had just given birth to the week before.  I know they are not human, but last year when we sold their babies (at 3 months old) both of the goats just maaa-ed and maaa-ed for the longest time.  They kept walking around the yard looking for them. So sad.  But by then they were already eating regular goat meals, and their mamas were not as patient when they wanted to nurse.  So I am happy that these babies will get to have the next two months with their mommies :-)  Here are the pictures we put up on Craigslist earlier today.  the first three all look like the same goat, but they are not!


Cowboy Smiley
He gets his name from the unique pattern on top of his head that looks like a smiley face!

(Anyone seeing a name theme going on?)

Prince Pepper
He looks just like his mommy.  All the others look just like their daddy.

(Princess) Pipi
The Prince and Princess are brother and sister.

As far as the other amazing thing.  Shelves.  Yes, you read that right, shelves.  I had been praying for some nice, large, sturdy shelving.  And my prayers were answered. A friend was selling all of her shelving.  Shelves that I had once drooled over when I first saw them in her house.  And now two of them are mine, with a possible third to be some day.  How big are these shelves?  I had Isabella stand next to them for reference.  She's about as tall as me, probably 5' 7".  

These have been wonderful, wonderful for keeping my counters clear.  Whenever we do a BJ's run we get a large amount of bananas, as seen above.  All of those, plus a few more that were already eaten would be piled high on the counter next to the fridge.  Plus the three gallons of water kefir, now home on the shelf, and not on my middle counter.  Wonderful I tell ya.  We have this one in the kitchen and the other in the laundry room.

I had a small, very rickety shelf back in the laundry room to put our folded laundry on.  Each night, or close to it, we would pull our bin of laundry out and put it away.  I really loved that set up.  I didn't love the fact that the shelving would collapse every week.  So I had to give it up after it started to fall apart almost daily.  That meant that our living room became the new folding laundry area.  Not very aesthetically pleasing :-)
 These shelves fit the bill.  Underneath, you can just barely make out is a pink bucket.  We have one pink and one blue.  The pink one is for gathering chicken eggs.  The blue is where we put out scraps into for the animals, to be taken out daily and washed afterwards.  So far so good.  The bottom shelf holds the items you see above.  I was able to get rid of the blue bin that was sitting in there taking up an awkward space.

Laundry takes up the next three shelves.  The top laundry shelf holds towels, wash clothes, dish towels and sheets.  The next one holds my, Jeremiah's and the oldest two girls laundry.  The third houses the rest of the kiddos.  Jed and Jonah share the same clothes, so there is only one pile for them.  This is working wonderfully.  I can fold immediately and put everything on the shelves as I fold.  I just have to bring back some hangers for our clothes that need to be hung up.

The top shelf houses bags of beans and rice.  These items were in the blue bin.  I used to have them on our small white shelf, but a mouse got into them!  I am hoping that a mouse will not be able to climb up these. Time will tell. 

It was a very productive day.  Got the chicks all new bedding, and my bathroom cleaned up.  Chicks are messy business.  At least for us.  We have very eager little helpers who like to add shavings and pour food for the chicks.  Those things don't always make it into the box.  Thus the need to clean up my bathroom.  Tomorrow is our crazy day. I think Moira is going to attempt to go to art class tomorrow.  I think it might do her well.  I am looking forward to her being herself again. She still has pain. I think she is getting to the end of her rope with all of this. Poor girl.  I think with all the new life we have around here it is helping to keep her mind off of it.  She really enjoys sitting outside with the baby goats, or in my bathroom craddling chicks.

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