Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Friday

This week I didn't have time to prepare my own post about being frugal.  So I will link you to someone else's.  She links to a few other people's as well.  Their topic is on frugal and nutritious food.  I have enjoyed reading some of the recipes.  Please check out Kitchen Stewardship for some inspiration.

I will say this:  There is nothing frugal about having your child in the hospital!  I suppose it would have been much better to have had some freezer meals put aside each month that would have seen us through some of these past dinners.  I will have to make sure to do that next month.  It would have been a lot cheaper to pull out a homemade freezer meal than to have made runs to the store to grab 'just something' to eat.  We live and learn.

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