Tuesday, April 05, 2011

goats, goats and more goats!!!

Our goats (Lily and Honey) kidded on the same day!  How neat.  There was a bit of surprise thrown in there for good measure.  You may remember me writing that I thought that Honey most certainly had to be pregnant with twins as she was so large.  Well here is how yesterday went:

Flannery went out to feed the animals.  She thought it was strange that Lily would take a bite, walk back to the barn.  Come and take a bite, walk back to the barn, etc.  Never mind that she had lost a large amount of weight :-)  Each morning I was on the ready to hear the words, "Babies!".  But they did not come yesterday morning.  So I figured we'd have to wait another day.  The goats were due April 1st and they tend to go anywhere from 5 days before their due date to 5 days after.  So it was the 4th and I knew it had to be in the next day or two.  Some time later the girls were asking what was for breakfast.  They wanted eggs and sausage.  Problem was that we only had two eggs in the house.  So I told Flannery that she would have to go out to look for eggs.  I suppose it was a good thing that our chickens don't lay all their eggs in the nesting boxes.  Silly chickens.  There are particular spots you have to look in.  One of those would be under the milking stand in the barn.  Lo and behold Flannery walked in to see twin baby goats! I heard her yelling, "Twins, it's twin baby goats!" So I was right I thought!  I knew that goat was going to have twins.  I got the boys ready to go out. We were almost to the barn when one of the girls came out and said that Lily had twins.  I said, "You mean Honey had twins."  "No, Lily had twins!"  Now that was a surprise.

A while later in the afternoon Isabella thought that Honey was in labor too.  However we thought she was in labor two weeks ago, so I was putting too much hope in it.  We were on the porch taking some pictures, and as were coming in I heard this very odd "maaaaaa", that was more of a grunt.  Hmmmmm.   Isabella changed and went out to sit with Honey.  I hear her yell from the barn, "Twins!  Honey had twins!"  So I found myself getting the boys ready to go out again.  Before we got out the door I heard Isabella yelling again, this time, "It's triplets!!!  Honey has triplets!!"  We got to see them all new and wet.  Isabella was there to help Honey with the delivery!  She thought that was pretty neat. 

So out of 5 babies we only got one female.  We were hoping for two.  My sister asked if they could have a kid from next years kidding.  I told her if we saved one from this years kidding they would have a goat ready to milk come next year.  Goats are very social creatures and you need to have two goats. 

I took a few pictures that I will share later.  Right now I have a very sleepy baby on my hands.

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Tracy said...

Oh wow!!! So many goats!!!! Yippeee....one for us! We will have to get her a friend once we get to KY! I am sure there are plenty enough farms and goats in KY to find friends for Pipi! :)
BTW, the capturing blog is truly amazing! I absolutely LOVE the pictures you are taking! You need to look at doing this professionally! Love to all!

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