Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's birthday time!

Another birthday girl in the family!


I tried to make her a cute little sign in PE, but just as I was about done it crashed!  Oy!  So my youngest girl is now a big 7 years old!!!  Insert: shed tears.

For her birthday dinner she requested ham, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.  In the morning she and Flannery made a cake.  In the afternoon Isabella and Moira made a cake.  Yes, she had two cakes for her birthday!  She will be going out with Jeremiah tomorrow for some special time and to pick out her birthday present.  Tonight Moira gave her some homemade trading cards and Isabella gave her a transplant from Selina, her spider plant.  She had to make do with a make shift container. But if Syina grows as well as Selina we told her that she could upgrade to a better pot.  Here are a few pictures from her birthday:

Dinner time!

 Yummy, yummy.

Homemade trading card.  I think this was a border collie.

 Another trading card, a dragon.

A gift from Isabella.

Her plant's container is a sour cream container that Isabella colored with a black permanent marker.

 Syina.  Here's hoping to a bright and long future :-)

Cake time!

 Seven years old! So hard to believe.

 If she looks a bit apprehensive, it was because we were singing.  If you've ever been here when we've sung "Happy Birthday" then you know what I am talking about!

 About to blow out the candle.

The girls made up her birthday sign.  I used to be the designated sign maker, but the girls have taken over.

Saiorse posing next to her sign, holding her Syina and birthday candle.

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