Saturday, April 09, 2011

busy days

Our days are full.  There is so much that I want to accomplish, yet not enough time in the day!  Jeremiah and some of the girls were out in the garden finishing up the beds.  The new soil needed to be added in.  Isabella planted some veggies that Jeremiah brought home the other day.  The girls are excited that we are planning on extending the current garden fencing out so that we can put in two more beds.  Each girl will share a bed with another sister, giving them each a 4x4 garden space of their own. 

I've been reading over a book called, "Design-It-Yourself Clothes".  Wow!  Who knew how 'simple' it was to make your own patterns!  I am so very excited about this.  I am praying that the Lord would send me a fabric stash so I can try my hand at pattern making.  In the meantime I have some aprons to be working on.  I am hoping to do so when the baby isn't so fussy. He's still sick, all stuffed up, and he is not a happy camper.  Makes getting things done a whole lot harder.  I got a few other pattern making books out, mostly on children's clothing, at the library the other day.  Plus I got a book on how to fix knitting mistakes.  I've read about how to remedy mistakes, but none so far have been least for me.  This book really made the light bulb come on!  I got it!  Now I know which way the stitch is supposed to lay on the needle.  I'm quite excited.  I am really hoping to go in with a friend on some sheep.  We don't have the land to support sheep, but she does.  We both want to learn how to shear and spin our own yarn. 

Moira is still not doing ok.  She's had some pain return, and it is very discouraging.  Nothing that makes us believe we need to take her in (not yet anyways).  She really wants to get back to normal.  I believe the pain is intestinal.  But again, we are in a vicious cycle.  Although she is eating more than she was a week or so ago, it's still not up to where she needs to be. So I've been praying for a solution.  Not sure if this is our answer, but it won't leave my brain :-)  A couple of years ago I was plagued by sinus infection after sinus infection, plus a constant swollen eye lid (allergies), and a few other smaller issues.  I decided to do a juice feast...yes, feast, not fast.  The idea is to maintain your current, or close to it, calorie load, but with only consuming freshly made veggie/fruit juices.  It totally knocked out a sinus infection in progress, and my eye swelling went away.  Even after the feasting, my eye stayed normal and it was a long time before I had another sinus infection.  I'm thinking of putting Moira on a juice feast for a week or two and see if that won't help her body to heal.  I've read of people, long ago, being sent to the sea shore or some other warmer, relaxing area to recoup from an illness.  I thought it almost silly.  Now I know better!!!  Moira would be that person, needing to be sent away to regain her strength.  I'm serious.  It has now been three weeks and she is a long way off from being herself.  Those who know her in real life have commented to me how different she is.  And that isn't a compliment!  She looks sickly and weak.  So I may have to change things up for her to get her body the best nutrients, all raw juices.  Then work our way up with all raw foods.  Then add in cooked items, like broths.  Keep up the probiotics in the meantime and see where this might get us. 

Jed is continuing to amaze me in how he is acting now a days. He's like a real boy!  I know that sounds weird, but it's the only way I can describe it.  He pretends, talks and acts like a normal boy.  Amazes me daily. He started to tack on the words, "you know", to almost every sentence.  Too funny. 

Well, it's time for bed.  I wanted to read about how to make a pattern for pants before I hit the hay.  Oh, and if you need a little fun, and whimsy in your life you have to check out Wordle.  The more times you type in a word, the larger that word will be in the final piece.  I did one for our family.  I'll have to take a picture of it sometime.  I am hoping to put it in a frame.  I want to get some extra frames to hang up some of the girls drawings. We need some liveliness in here and that should do the trick :-)

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